Who Is GSK’s Jason Lord And What Does He Do?

A few months back, myself and Bob Fiddaman (of the Fiddaman Seroxat blog) collaborated on an investigative blog post  called ‘The GSK 3″ about the UK Serious Fraud Office’s investigation into GSK’s alleged fraudulent activities around the globe.

One name that came up in that investigation was Jason Lord.

He is one of the GSK 3.



So, who are the three?

1. Jason Lord. (No photo available)

Research shows that Lord was, in 2006, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Security Adviser in the Corporate Security and Investigations Department.

In 2006, Lord attended and gave a presentation at the Jordan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA), a membership-based association that has organized several IP training events in Jordan. (Web Archive)

For those that don’t know, Jordan is another country currently under investigation. The claims are that GSK staff in Jordan have bribed doctors. The allegations relating to Jordan and also Lebanon were first reported in the Wall Street Journal, which cited emails from a person who first contacted GSK in December. The paper said the emails allege that GSK sales representatives bribed doctors to prescribe drugs and vaccines by issuing free samples to doctors that they were allowed to sell on.

Not much else is known about Jason Lord.


Just recently a comment was left by someone here on this blog claiming to be an ex-GSK employee, they said:


Jason Lord is the current Global Head of Investigations for GlaxoSmithKline who most likely led the initial four month internal investigation of corruption within the China business unit which found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Lord is Witty’s top gun and is regularly deployed to GSK hot spots around the globe not to exercise objective internal investigations but rather to perform damage control, contain credible evidence and marginalize GSK whistleblowers.”







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