Former GSK Paxil (Seroxat) CR Drug Rep On Doctors Prescribing Paxil To Kids Says:”We would not encourage them not to” (Prescribe Off Label).

Really interesting comment left on a Reddit thread (link above) by a former Paxil CR drug rep who admitted that GSK was definitely aware that Paxil was being sold off-label. He also says that the drug reps would not encourage the doctors” not to prescribe off label”. In other words- they were aware some doctors were prescribing the drug to under 18’s but they turned a blind eye and didn’t discourage the doctors not to…

However, I don’t go along with his comment that ‘regardless of studies” (such as study 329) that it was really just left to doctors to decide. Study 329 was touted and would have been fairly influential. It was aimed directly at doctors, therefore it cannot be dismissed..

Interesting comment nonetheless..



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