Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed By Ex-GSK Manager (Pharmalot 2016)

This company is rotten to the core…

Only 8 days in to 2016 and GSK up to no good..

Interesting to see (Saint/Sir/Whiter-than-White/Whatever) Witty mentioned though..





A former GlaxoSmithKline biostatistics manager has filed a whistleblower lawsuit accusing the drug maker of firing him for alleging dodgy study data was used to tout the effectiveness of a smoking-cessation product.

Alexandre Selmani, who worked at Glaxo for nearly a decade, claims his supervisors ignored repeated efforts to alert them to statistical mistakes made in clinical trials for NiQuitin, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in a New Jersey state court. In the United States, Glaxo markets the product as Nicoderm.

As a result, he claims the company engaged in an “illegal, deceptive marketing program” to promote the product “without justification” as a “significant advance” in nicotine treatment. The lawsuit also alleges Glaxo maintained its product was superior to existing nicotine treatments.

Selmani began complaining about the data in mid-2012. But after meeting resistance, he claims to have sent an email to Glaxo Chief Executive Andrew Witty to warn that the mistakes had “the capacity to cause negative consequences and potential health and safety issues for the general public,” the lawsuit argues, although it does not allege any consumers were harmed.

Along with the drug maker, the lawsuit also names Witty and several employees as defendants. A Glaxo spokeswoman declined to comment.

Despite his protests, the company submitted the data for publication and the study was eventually published online in Psychopharmacology in April 2014. The study abstract concluded the product “could be useful to provide quick craving relief for low-dependence smokers.”

In his suit, Selmani maintains that his supervisors retaliated against him by giving him low job performance ratings and reduced raises; sabotaging some of his work; and, ultimately, firing him last October. His lawsuit cites the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act, which addresses retaliation by employers.

“The company wanted to use flawed data to sell the product to the public,” Rosemarie Arnold, his attorney, told us. “And when he brought that to the attention of his supervisor, he was basically told to shut up. He worked there many years, got great reviews, and did a great job. But they tried to push him out when he complained they used improper data. And consumers paid for something they didn’t get.”

According to the lawsuit, Selmani’s supervisor told him that he was wasting his time to report the mistakes because he would never be able to convince management to fix them. At one point, Selmani was also told that his “future was not with GSK.”

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One comment

  1. High plains drifter

    If this was filed in New Jersey…chances are it was initiated by the Medicaid Fraud Felon , Joseph Piacentile….who lost his license as an MD in New Jersey…for fraud and tax evasion.
    scheming the elderly for some 22 million. He whined to the Court, saying he was on several medications and attempted suicide AFTER getting caught.
    He tried to kill himself, the Judge said he was of such a moral character. .that he was beyond rehabilitation. ..showing no remorse.
    Then Dr. Joe, becomes a professional whistle-blower, recruiting real whistlblowers, playing attorney advising them…then taking a portion of the settlement…making millions.
    He tried this extortion with a disgruntled employee in the GSK case, someone who came in 7 years after I , Thorpe filed initially and went internally first. Now he is suing me for millions claiming he, Piacentile had something to do himself with the GSK settlement.
    He will not intimidate me and I am going to put this slime out of business. End of story. He is a lying POS, and has not learned his lesson. He did nothing in the GSK case, it cost me a job of 23 years.
    Ha, he recently applied for a pardon from Obama and twice tried to pay 100,000 dollars to meet with him. GOT caught, born loser.
    This scumbag only paid a 900K fine for the millions he cost taxpayers with his Medicare Fraud.
    He lied and extorted money out of all the other GSK fake Whistlblowers. ..Hamrick, Geraghty and Matt Burke all terminated, disgruntled employees….even after he violated an agreement to keep his grubby paws out of the case.
    I will not stop until he pays me the some 3 million dollars that the other 3 paid him, all chickenshit, me too whistlblowers.
    This case smells like Piacentile. Similar to LaFauchi , in the GSK case, who planned and initiated the off label promotion of nine drugs, until 7 years AFTER I came forward. LAFAUCI SHOULD be in prison, along with Piacentile.

    WHY… didn’t this guy SELMANI, come forward in 2002-2012…for Zyban , the smoking cessation scam, along with Wellbutrin. He had to know about it..yet kept his mouth shut. Too little too late, simply another disgruntled employee lawsuit.
    Nobody files cases in New Jersey
    Unless Whistlblowers Against Fraud (Piacentile ) initiates it first, playing attorney.
    Stay away from thus website. It is a scam. ..just like the invisible CEO …Piacentile.
    Your extortion and fraud days are coming to an end, Dr. Joe….you picked the wrong person this time to play your extortion games on.
    See you in Court, you lowlife lifetime loser.
    I am not the only person who thinks the world would be better off if your suicide attempts were successful. You are ruining the False Claims Act, and real qui Tam insiders. Get a life, you’re done and this case is no longer sealed as you wished. The world will see how you operate.
    And Ed Silverman, I am surprised you seem to fall for this, think about it, makes no sense.
    Call me …I will give you a real story.

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