French Families Sue GSK and Other Drug Makers Over Defective And Dangerous Vaccines..

Interesting article in Paris Match about various cases (involving various vaccine damages) against GSK and other drug makers ..

Apologies for the French Translation..

Google Translate was the best I could do..

Together, the five families to demand accountability laboratories GSK, Pfizer, and Sanofi. They are waiting for justice recognizing the side effects of vaccines and compensation for disabled children today. Me Hartemann, their lawyer, pleaded their cases last Friday before the Court of Bobigny.

Following a half hours of argument, Me Hartemann himself “rather surprised” by the verdict of the hearing: the laboratories do not preclude the launch of medical reports for four of the five cases. A first green light which, if confirmed, will open the way for further investigations and research of rare diseases in these children who, having received vaccine injections had severe neurological disorders. “Sequels comparable with head trauma or epilepsy huge allegedly damaged the brain,” says the lawyer. It is children who showed no health problem “, he continued, stressing the similarity of the stories,” and who, following the first injection or recall, were at once stopped to evolve and presented very significant damage. “

Sandrine: “What could deprive Nello part of the brain that controls everything engine?”

Nello (3 years), Naomie (4 years), Lucia (3 years), Lolita (18 months), Terry (15) … the children who were developing quite normally and whose condition has gradually deteriorated in the days or weeks following vaccination. Very high fever, impossible to calm crying, loss of muscle tone, stiffening of the body … so many alarming signs observed by their parents. Today, these children do not walk or more, do not speak, do not keep their head, have difficulty eating, drinking, grasp objects … The various tests and samples taken in neuropaediatrics have not identified the cause of their condition. Nello has a very high fever following a reminder Priorix (Laboratory GSK vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella) at 19 months. A week later, his parents noticed that he makes “all fours” the

Nello and his dad. DR

inches folded within the hands. Eight days later, he builds on his fists, and fall like “Bambi on ice”. A month later, Nello hand for emergencies: he utters cries of pain, his body into a ball, his stiffened muscles. An MRI scan of his brain revealed atrophy of the white matter (myelin). The battery of examinations carried dismissed the genetic causes, infection and trauma. “What could take away part of the brain that controls everything engine?” Asks Sandrine, her mother.

“Naomie, born premature, was fine until it receives, at 14 months, a first injection of Infanrix Hexa (GSK laboratory vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio, haemophilus influenzae type and B) and Prevenar 13 (Pfizer vaccine against pneumococcal disease), “says Monia, his mother. After a week of constant crying, the little hand for emergencies: squinting and loss of muscle tone (it is no longer seated). Doctors do not pose a diagnosis.

Lucia almost died of encephalitis that left her blind and quadriplegic

Two months after Lucia, 18 months received Infanrix Hexa recalls and Priorix, his mother finds her unconscious in bed, “like a rag doll.” At the hospital, doctors find inflammation in the brain. Three days later, it operated in emergency encephalitis that nearly cost him his life, and she woke up after a month coma, blind and quadriplegic. Or inflammatory or virus disease have been identified in this neurological impairment.

No more diagnostic for early Lolita, 18 months, in whom the disorder first emerged a fortnight after the first injection of Infanrix hexa and Prevenar 13 in two months, when it made a kind of discomfort before returning to it: “The body stiffened, she was gasping, drooling, and not reacting to light,” says his mother. Following the second injection, at 3 months, the small hand to eye emergencies, “My daughter was like a larva, hands closed, thumb inside, and was hanging his head.” For Lolita to date , genetic research has yielded nothing.

Reached an “unlabeled” encephalitis at 12 months, Terry, 15, is now disabled at 80%. At home, the first signs appeared after the first injection, a 2 and a half months of Pentacoq (Sanofi vaccine off the market in 2005, against pertussis, haemophilus type b, diphtheria, tetanus and polio ): high fever, persistent screaming, chronic bronchitis and, three weeks later, paralysis of the left side (from hip to arms).

All parents testify to the impossibility to consider, from the doctors, the responsibility of vaccines. “Teachers, doctors and neurologists, all refused this hypothesis. It is a completely taboo subject, “says Lionel, dad Nello. “For them, the link with vaccines is impossible because no scientific study shows do,” says Sabrina, the mother of Lucia, which evokes the genetic background: “It is perhaps a rare risk, a certain population children.

Dr. Claude Beraud warns about the consequences controversy about vaccines

In a nuanced on the controversies surrounding some vaccines, Dr. Claude Beraud recalls that the risk of neurological diseases have not been demonstrated by clinical studies, biological, and epidemiological. And precisely for hepatitis B and risk of multiple sclerosis that “if the studies do not support the link, they do not allow more to exclude.” For the doctor, the consequences of these controversies are serious because “they induce in a part of the population rejecting all vaccines, which, together with antibiotics, two classes of drugs most useful to human health “.

Today, only vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, and polio are required. But it is not possible for a child under 6 receive the DTP, which has disappeared from the market in 2008. Parents, bitter, denounce a lack of information from doctors. For the most part, they ignored the mix of mandatory and recommended vaccines in the medical gesture. “This situation raises, according to a medication expert, the issue of vaccine interactions, which is unspoken. And this poses a legal problem. “In the existing scheme, the State, under the national solidarity, repairs a damage attributable directly to a compulsory vaccination throughout Oniam (National Office for compensation for medical accidents). “Even if the judges agree that it is the vaccine that caused encephalopathy, the fact that there are non-binding valences can preclude recovery of the family,” says the expert. How to prove that the damage was caused by the vaccine mandatory?

Hartemann me, who knows that the labs will fight on the causality of vaccine damage, hope that the jurisprudence will weigh in the balance. In 2012, after 17 years of proceedings, the State Council has recognized the responsibility of Pentacoq vaccine (5 virus) in the onset of disability to 95% for a 5 month old baby. For the drug expert, “this is a favorable turnaround probably due to the conscience of the judges. They had for the first time the opposite argument: because the mixture Pentacoq mandatory and recommended vaccines, they considered, by assimilation, that the damage was just as well have been caused by a vaccine mandatory “.

The lawyer also relies on the beam elements (temporality, healthy children before vaccination …) for families to obtain redress. For the oldest record, that of Terry, laboratories invoke prescription. Unless proven is the responsibility of Sanofi for defective product. Next meeting February 19: families will know whether medical examinations are granted.

Families are members Nello Future Hope Healing

L’actualité santé en vidéo : Santé: que faire contre la pénurie de médicaments?

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    (Report abuse) VICTIMS OF 2009 H1N1 VACCINE

    I am also one of the 5000 European victims of the H1N1 vaccine from GSK PANDEMRIX, this one caused me 11 days after encephalitis G93.3 ICD10, I am because of the AS03 squalene adjuvant poison utterly unable to leave my disabled home, read, withhold anything, total impotence, constant pain, degradations of all organs, I am not the only one we are near 3000 europe have this disease induced by this vaccine, after narcolepsy, there is a treatment for CURATIVE the RITUXIMAB my illness, there are in France since 1997, but has not the marketing authorization for this indication, and French doctors are so afraid of the Board of the order qu’is have chosen let me die in unimaginable suffering, luckily I was able to leave the us receive this treatment, annual cost 25,000 euros, not reimbursed by the cpam, I will say one thing ene Madame Bachelot thank you for selling our quality vaccines unadjuvanted PANENZA the usa in Africa and offered to leave us a real poison causing a global genocide, to date I have been poisoned by the French state, mentally ill treated by the medical community, let behalf without any treatment and no excuses made by the Ministry of Health, I was FIME my testimony will unleash a wave of mass vaccination Abti worldwide, to conclude H1N1 vaccination caused more casualties and death, for better die than suffer his whole life and die in epouvatables conditions we would not stand in an animal, the false pandemic H1N1 Who killed far less than the seasonal flu (the elderly or people with cancer in the end life) my life has been reported to GSK 7 EUROS and costed has cpam more than 10,000 euros of unnecessary examination in France, c scenario was verified in all the countries that have received this PANDEMRIX AREPANRIX FOCETRIA, the common point between them is squalene adjuvant AS03 or MF59, the worst is that its laboratories knew they would have victims, they requested legal immunity that France granted them only poland refused this blackmail they do no known victims I am ashamed to live in this country, ashamed of the cowardice of our leaders, did not assume the genocide qu’is have left to do on their citizens and this totalemetn dead or handicapped for life and often with prognosis committed



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