Ebenezer Andrew Witty Meets The Ghost Of Christmas Past…



Kaili Butin still has faint scars on her wrist from the day she tried to kill herself. A family physician had prescribed GlaxoSmithKline’s antidepressant Paxil to treat her depression. It was the fall of 2000, her sophomore year of high school, and she had stopped caring about schoolwork and lost interest in her friends.

“I wanted something to make me feel better,” she says. “I wanted to be a normal teenager. I saw my friends and none of them felt the way I felt.”

Butin was among millions of American teens who took Paxil in the early 2000s. Her doctor’s recommendation helped the antidepressant overtake the competition to garner the highest number of new prescriptions of any drug in its class in 2000. Sales of the pill increased by 17 percent to hit $2.4 billion. Butin, now a 31-year-old accountant living in Ankeny, Iowa, is angry about newly revealed information that GlaxoSmithKline withheld from the public regarding Paxil’s danger to teenagers. 

Butin remembers feeling a change set in soon after she began taking the drug. She wrote furiously in journals to manage her emotional plunge.

“I just remember feeling worthless,” she says. “I had an entire journal of poems that I would write on how horrible life was and how it just wasn’t worth being around anymore and everybody would be better off without me.”

This month, a team of researchers published a new analysis of a 14-year-old clinical trial data that suggested adolescents who used Paxil were at greater risk of severe side effects — including suicidal thoughts and self-harm — than GlaxoSmithKline originally disclosed. While it’s impossible to know whether her suicide attempts were a direct result of taking Paxil, Butin says she is “very confident” that the drug is to blame.

See http://study329.org/ 

For further reading about GSK’s death drug Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax..

and they say it’s safe for adults?

Rat poison is likely much safer than this toxic junk…


Well well, another year comes to close and the spooky, scary tale of a greedy, evil, amoral drug company rumbles on…

It’s been quite a year for the sociopathic drug company GlaxoSmithKline..

In February we heard the news that GSK CEO Andrew Witty’s pay was cut because of GSK’s China Bribe scandal which cast a cloud over the company for most of 2014..

The pay cut reflects Witty’s struggle to halt a slide in U.S. market share for Advair, the company’s top-selling asthma medication, and failure to win over doctors and insurers to products designed to replace it. Shares of GSK fell 8 percent in the past year as the drugmaker was also battered by a bribery scandal in China that resulted in a $457.6 million fine.


I’m sure that Witty wasn’t too bothered about his little pay cut though, GSK has already made him a multi-multi millionaire and he owns bucket-loads of GSK shares…

He’s made a good career out of Glaxo..

Anyhow, to read more  on this, see here:


In March 2015, we had some nasty news about GSK’s Zofran Drug (one of the many GSK drugs mentioned in the good whistle-blower- Greg Thorpe’s- record breaking Department of Justice complaint).

See here for more on Zofran causing birth defects:


One of the more recent Zofran lawsuits, filed by plaintiff Cheri Flynn in Pennsylvania, mirrors allegations contained in the US Department of Justice lawsuit: that GSK knowingly marketed Zofran to pregnant women without sharing information about the potential for Zofran birth defects – information the lawsuit alleges GSK has had in its possession since 1992, if not before.

“GSK not only concealed this knowledge from healthcare providers and consumers in the United States, and failed to warn of the risk of birth defects,” the Flynn lawsuit states, “but GSK also illegally and fraudulently promoted Zofran to physicians and patients specifically for the treatment of morning sickness in [pregnant] women.”

In Seroxat related news, there was another damning mention of Seroxat in the main-stream media:

for full article see link here :



“On Seroxat I lost all emotion, I couldn’t feel anything and I didn’t care about anyone, least of all myself. I had never had depression before but this anti-depressant made me feel suicidal. I started drinking heavily and I tried to kill myself a few times.”

Of course, GSK still sell Seroxat, doctors still prescribe it (mostly to long term addicts) and GSK still make a hefty profit off of it, despite the controversy over suicidal side effects which have raged on since the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

GSK profits directly from death drugs like Seroxat. The sales effectively pay the wages of CEO’s like Andrew Witty, therefore we could perhaps make the assumption couldn’t we- that (in part) Andrew Witty has made some of his millions from selling death drugs like Seroxat? (and Wellbutrin etc).

 I’m sure Witty doesn’t lose much sleep over Seroxat though..

Only those with consciences lose sleep over stuff like that..


In April, we find out that GSK are making an a drug to treat Asbestos related disease drug..

I found this quite ironic considering that a GSK whistle-blower (in a plant in Ireland) contacted me directly not too long ago (by email) informing me of an alleged asbestos contamination at a GSK plant in Sligo (apparently affecting staff and also some GSk products according to this alleged whistle-blower). Whether true or not, it was an interesting story nonetheless and perhaps we will hear more in the future (or, as I suspect- it was probably all hushed up)..

See here for more on this story-


Further to my post yesterday about GSK asbestos contamination in GSK drugs made at a GSK Stiefel Site In Sligo, and the whistleblowers who claim that they also have been affected from Asbestos contamination, it seems that GSK is making a drug to help ease the conditions from Asbestos related diseases… Ironic? Yes, Very…


For more posts from April 2015 see here-



It’s interesting to note that back in May 2014 , we heard more news of GSK’s corruption investigations from the serious fraud office in the UK-

GlaxoSmithKline plc investigation

27 May 2014

The Director of the SFO has opened a criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline plc and its subsidiaries.

Whistleblowers are valuable sources of information to the SFO in its cases.  We welcome approaches from anyone with inside information on all our cases including this one – we can be contacted through our secure and

Whether this investigation will bear fruit in 2016, remains to be seen, as GSK have a knack for avoiding criminal charges, and quite often they just get off and the charges simply disappear..

They have a huge influence in very high circles globally, and in the UK in particular, they operate above the law..

Their influence is massive in the UK..

In May 2015- I posted some interesting links bout the Maudsley debate on antidepressants..

I find it remarkable how psychiatry continues to deny the damage that these drugs are doing..

It’s simply disgraceful..

See here for more-


Antidepressants Debated At Kings College: 52nd Maudsley Debate: More Harm Than Good?


In June, it was interesting to see Irish sports star, Conor Cusack, bravely discuss his horrible experiences with SSRI’s and psychiatry..

It seems more and more people are speaking out against these toxic drugs and holding biological psychiatry to account-

See link for more-


Also in June, the tireless blogger, Bob Fiddaman, did a brilliant expose on GSK’s Selacryn drug – it’s well worth a read..

See here for Bob’s exhaustive and thoroughly good expose –


What is/was Selacryn?

Selacryn – a drug to combat high blood pressure.

Marketed an manufactured by SmithKline Beckman. **(SKB)

Selacryn was introduced in May 1979 and withdrawn by SmithKline the following January. It lasted just 8 months on the American market.

It’s interesting that Selacryn was withdrawn yet Seroxat remains on the market…

Why have the MHRA allowed Seroxat/Paxil on the market despite the immense damage it has done to many people?

Also in June 2015, a movie, called ‘Cake’ starring Jennifer Aniston was released to wide spread acclaim. I found this particularly interesting because the movie was based on the infamous Donald Schell Paxil induced murder suicide story (a case in the 00’s where Paxil/Seroxat was found liable for causing Donald to kill his wife, daughter and grand-daughter).

See here for more on this-


EXCLUSIVE: The true story behind Jennifer Aniston’s Cake – how movie’s scriptwriter was inspired by the brutal murder of his brother’s wife, baby daughter and mother-in-law

  • Cake has been acclaimed for Aniston’s portrayal of suicidal mom hooked on prescription drugs in aftermath of car crash that killed her child

  • Daily Mail Online can reveal movie was written by Patrick Tobin after his brother’s young family was slaughtered by a relative

  • Deb Tobin and her nine-month-old daughter Alyssa were shot dead by her father, along with her mom Rita Schell, by Don Schell, her father

  • Tim Tobin, Patrick’s brother, found the horrific scene at father-in-law’s home in Gillette, Wyoming on Valentine’s Day, 1998

  • Schell was taking anti-depressant Paxil and Tim Tobin sued maker, winning $6.4m compensation after it was named ‘proximate cause’ of killings 

  • Patrick Tobin then quit Hollywood to look after his suicidal brother and eventually wrote Cake as a result of experience


In July I did some posts about GSK’s new Malaria vaccine Mosquirix..

Personally, after experiencing GSK’s Seroxat, and the lies which I was told about that drug, and the immense suffering I experienced as a a result of those GSK lies, I wouldn’t trust any GSK product period…

They are a despicable socipathic company (in my opinion), with absolutely no regard for the health of their customers/the public..

for my full post on this see here


GSK are heavily promoting their new Malaria vaccine, Mosquirix, at the moment, and of course the press are gushing sycophantic praise for it by the bucket-load. It has just been approved in Europe but personally, I’d take my chances with Malaria rather than take any GSK product. They just can’t be trusted to produce safe drugs because their safety record leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

For example, their flu vaccine, Pandemirix, which was heavily touted for the (media generated) flu-scare a few years ago, has been shown to be extremely dodgy indeed, and many patients are now suing GSK because they have developed Narcolepsy because of this vaccine. Then of course we have the two most notorious GSK drugs of recent times, the killers – Seroxat (a dangerous anti-depressant which induces suicide) and Avandia (a diabetes drug which causes heart attacks)- the death toll, and scale of human misery, from those two drugs alone easily reaches into the hundreds of thousands.

For more interesting posts from July 2015 see here..



In August there were a many interesting GSK related stories. One involving shards of wood in GSK’s toothpaste, was particularly creepy…

Sensodyne & Biotene Toothpastes Are Recalled By Wegmans Because Of This Unbelievably Terrifying Reason

Chad Buchanan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Alex Gladu
July 21 News

On Saturday, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare recalled specific Sensodyne and Biotene toothpaste tubes, according to a post on supermarket chain Wegmans’ website. The affected toothpaste “may contain small fragments of wood” and can be returned to the store for a full refund. The voluntary recall affects only certain lots of the toothpaste brands.

Imagine going to brush your teeth with Sensodyne and ending up shredding your gums to pieces because of these fragments of wood in it?

This is a typical GSK story. The plants where they make their drugs are notoriously shoddy, and I am not surprised that this happened.

In 2010, GSK whistleblower Cheryl Eckard revealed how GSK’s plant in Puerto Rico was nothing short of a death trap..

Would you trust any product from this scummy company?

I wouldn’t..


A whistleblower who exposed serious contamination problems at GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) pharmaceutical manufacturing operations has been awarded $96m (£60m).

Cheryl Eckard’s payment is thought to be the biggest ever handed to a US whistleblower. It was awarded after an eight-year fight, which ended yesterday, when GSK agreed to pay the US government $750m to settle civil and criminal charges that it manufactured and sold adulterated drug products.

Speaking outside the federal courthouse in Boston after the award was agreed, Eckard admitted she was “a little emotional”.

“It’s difficult to survive this financially, emotionally, you lose all your friends, because all your friends are people you have at work,” she said. “You really do have to understand that it’s a very difficult process but very well worth it.”

see the full post here-


When GSK were fined 3 Billion dollars by the US department of Justice in 2012 (for various criminal/fraudulent activities spanning over more than a decade- which resulted in some cases- in deaths of patients/consumers) the media concentrated mainly on the headline grabbing “3 Billion dollar fine” and very little of the exhibits (and the content of the actual legal complaint) were highlighted. This is understandable, considering this was the biggest health care fine in US history, but the fine itself is only a very small part of the overall story. These exhibits reveal a sinister and sociopathic corporate culture at GSK; a culture which indicate (and considering GSK’s recent China bribe scandal– arguably- still display) an utterly callous disregard for patient health, and an insatiable appetite for fraud and corruption in the pursuit of profits.


For more posts from August 2015- see here





In September 2015, the big news was the RIAT re-interpretation of GSK’s infamous Paxil/Seroxat Study 329. This study made the front page of the BMJ. This was huge news and there were was much written about it online, on blogs, and in newspapers, social media etc.

See more on this here


  • “This is highly concerning because prescribing this drug may have put young patients at unnecessary risk from a treatment that was supposed to help them,” he says.

  • Although concerns had already been raised about Study 329, and the way it was reported, the data was not previously made available so researchers and clinicians weren’t able to identify all of the errors in the published report,” said Professor Jureidini in a statement“It wasn’t until the data was made available for re-examination that it became apparent that paroxetine was linked to serious adverse reactions, with 11 of the patients taking paroxetine engaging in suicidal or self-harming behaviors compared to only one person in the group of patients who took the placebo.”

  • Jureidini suggested that the drugs’ side effects can make it easy to work out who is taking them. Potentially this may cast doubt, not just on this individual study, but on all clinical trials of SSRIs, one of the most widely prescribed classes of drugs in the world.

  • Publicity from Study 329 contributed to paroxetine being prescribed to “hundreds of thousands” of adolescents, Jureidini said. “We’re only talking about one study, but if this accurately reflects the effects we would expect that many children engaged in suicidal behaviour as a result.”

  • Jureidini told IFLScience: “The safety of paroxetine for adults is unclear. The safety analysis may be biased. But we know that the younger you are and the less severe the depression the more likely it is that the harms of SSRIs will outweigh the benefits.”

Another shocking story which I covered, involved the horrific effects of GSK’s Zyloric drug on Charles Oben

I will cover this story, as it develops, in 2016:

See more here


With the help of Joseph Edgar – a popular blogger and investment banker- InsideMainland was able to get this very surreal tale of a banker, Charles Oben, whose life took a dramatically destructive turn in the course of seeking a healthy life.

It started when Charles who worked with the UBA was posted to Burkina Faso and in his usual meticulous self visited a Cardiologist for a routine check. They found out that his urea level was high and the drug Zyloric (manufactured by Glaxo Smithkline (GSK) Pharmaceuticals) was prescribed. He bought the drug for about N1,300 and dutifully took administered dosage. However in less than 36 hours his life was turned into a living hell.

Blisters, skin peeling, eyes destroyed, bleeding from everywhere, bed sores and everything imaginable became his plight. His wife Joan flew in, saw her husband and melted. His children came in and ran away. Mirrors where kept away from him.

For much more posts from September 2015, including articles about Paxil/Seroxat study 329 and how GSK marketed a drug that killed kids-

See here-


One of the stand out stories from October’s posts in 2015, for me was from the Wall street journal interview with Peter Humphrey:

Humphrey, it seems, was scapegoated and abandoned by GSK, in the midst of their China bribe scandal.

It will be interesting to see if Humphrey will speak out more..

I’m sure that his side of this scandal is extremely interesting indeed..

Shameful behavior from GSK (as usual)..

Where GSK goes, skullduggery , it seems, inevitably follows..

see more here


Mr. Humphrey said in a statement and telephone interview from his home in Surrey, England that a prostate problem he experienced while imprisoned — but which went untreated — was recently diagnosed as a malignant cancer. “It wasn’t caught early enough because I was denied the medical attention that I needed,” said Mr. Humphrey.

By telephone, Mr. Humphrey declined to discuss who was or wasn’t a past client of his investigations business ChinaWhys Co. but said the individual who allegedly “manipulated” Shanghai authorities was a former subject of his investigation work.

The statement from Mr. Humphrey coincides with a visit to the U.K. by Chinese President Xi Jinping. “The fact that (the Chinese president) here is significant, and hopefully the central government leadership will investigate what happened in Shanghai,” Mr. Humphrey said.

For the full October posts from 2015 see here


Two of my favorite posts from November were from the MadInAmerica website (a brilliant site with excellent articles):

The first, from Phil Hickey, details another drug from GSK’s 3 Billion dollar Department of Justice investigation; that drug was Lamictal:

It is simply staggering the amount of fraud which GSK managed to squeeze out of this one drug. It’s even more staggering when you consider the fact that this drug was one of several which they promoted illegally..

(and imagine what the skullduggery which GSK are involved in which we never find out about?)

See full post here

Appendix A: Section IX of United States of America vs. GlaxoSmithKline, PLC: GSK’S OFF-LABEL MARKETING OF LAMICTAL

The second article, from Redmond O’Hanlon, was also brilliant.

In this article Redmond raises again the specter of GSK’s infamous Seroxat/Paxil study 329..

Just how many people has GSK’s Paxil/Seroxat killed and harmed over the years?

It’s unbelievable how they they have got away with all this isn’t it?

See Redmond’s brilliant article here


Nobody has retracted or apologized for a study that was an academic disgrace—but a marketing coup for GSK—which may well have caused untold numbers of deaths, suicide attempts and irreversible anguish to myriad families. Can we stand idly by when we’re told that it “accurately reflects the honestly-held views of the clinical investigator authors who do not agree that the article is false, fraudulent or misleading.”? What is the current market value of the honestly-held views of people who tell lies?

For many more posts from November 2015

See this link-


The highlight of December 2015’s posts, for me, was Andrew Witty’s grilling by Evan Davies (of the BBC)..

I think this video speaks for itself..

but be sure to read the full post for more details and further reading..

(and don’t forget to scroll back through each month for full views of all the posts of the year and that month… there are 982 posts in total over almost 9 years… feel free to browse and thanks for reading- if you did!)

Each year is riddled with the scandals of GSK’s nefarious activities..

What’s GSK going to get up to in 2016?..

Happy Christmas Everybody!

“...Thousands of North American children and adolescents were seriously harmed by taking SSRIs like Paxil. Many died. Neither doctors nor parents had the information they needed, and the FDA only reluctantly issued the appropriate warnings, as might be expected from a regulator that has “corporate partnership” in its mandate.

So why aren’t we all scandalized?…”

See :http://study329.org/



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