If Only There Were More Kind, Humane, Compassionate Psychiatrists like Peter Breggin…

A truly wise man. Great talk about how ‘mental illnesses’ should be ‘treated..

With humanity and compassion..

Dr Peter Breggin…

CEP Lecture 2015



  1. kiwi

    Yes Peter Breggin a man truly worthy of the title society has bestowed on him.
    Also called ‘the conscience of psychiatry’.
    Practicing for 61 years and never prescribed a drug.
    A never-in-61-years- precsribed- a-drug psychiatrist. Wow thats an oxymoron!
    He is a person i would feel safe referring someone to.
    Peter is a gift to this world! There is none finer.
    A true ‘healer of the soul’.

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