Massive Reaction To The Restoration Of Seroxat Study 329

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From the New York Times, to the UK Daily Mail, to the Washington Post to Reuters, and every other news outlet worldwide, Seroxat (Paxil)- is again making headline news. A new study (a restoration of an older one- the infamous study 329) by a global team of researchers, doctors and scientists, has come to the conclusion that Seroxat is a highly dangerous drug which can make children kill themselves and self harm. This re-write has basically proven what we knew all along- Seroxat is a highly dangerous drug, and should be banned, in fact- it should never have been licensed. So why were up to 2 million American kids (and around 7000 UK ones per year) prescribed a drug which is clearly of no benefit, and obviously harmful?

To understand this, you would have to read through the many posts on my blog, and the other Seroxat blogs (including documentaries, articles, forums etc). This is a story which involves a sociopathic drug company (GSK), its unethical marketing department, greedy ruthless senior executives, bribery of doctors, corruption of medical ethics, revolving door regulators, twisted psychiatrists on the payroll, and an insatiable appetite for greed. There are many hundreds (if not thousands) of people responsible for this travesty. What the headlines don’t draw attention to though is the consequences of prescribing an unsafe drug like Seroxat to kids. How many died by suicide? how many self harmed? how many harmed others? how many lost their child-hoods? How many have long term damage?

GSK’s fraudulent Seroxat study 329 also raises the issue of how unsafe Seroxat is in the adult population. I was prescribed Seroxat when I was 21, I suffered horrible side effects, like suicidal thoughts, akathisia, severe withdrawal, aggression etc. What is the difference between a 21 year old and an 18 year old in terms of the toxicity of Seroxat side effects? What is the difference in Seroxat toxicity between a child and a young adult on Seroxat or a young adult and an adult?

Seroxat is dangerous for all age groups, that’s the truth, however we might be waiting some time yet before the absolute truth, of the devastating consequences in all age groups, from this horrible drug, is fully realized. Seroxat harms adults too, just as much as kids… there are many untold Seroxat horror stories… here’s some from the comments section about the new Seroxat study in the Daily Mail..

“I tried to kill myself whilst on Seroxat. I was a Police Officer at the time and on my way to work when I tried to drive head on into a car transporter. I did not not succeed but arrived at work like a gibbering wreck. I sat at the parade room table with other officers to start my shift and broke down in front of everyone. Seroxat was an evil drug that destroyed lives and almost destroyed mine. GSK should be so ashamed of themselves. God only knows the true scale and numbers of those who actually did succeed in killing themselves due to this awful drug, that was peddled by this company for profit.”…

…”Same old, same old. Drugs companies will do anything for a profit. In reality, patients and their safety don’t feature anywhere near the top of the priority list (except on company promotional literature meant to make everyone believe they truly care).”

“So what will happen to GSK now? A slap on the wrist?”…


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