Listen To Whistleblower Dr Terry Lynch On George Hook Discussing His Game Changing Book “Depression Delusion”

“…Anybody who has been told that they have a chemical imbalance in their brain has been misinformed.. it’s untenable… no evidence has been found full stop”…

(Dr Terry Lynch- George Hook- 9th of Sept 2015)

“…The belief that the most popular antidepressant drugs raise serotonin levels in the brain is nothing more than a myth, a leading professor of psychiatry has claimed.

David Healy, head of psychiatry at the Hergest psychiatric unit in Bangor, North Wales, said the misconception that low levels of serotonin were responsible for depression had become established fact.

He suggested that the success of so-called SSRI drugs – which include Prozac and Seroxat – was based on the ‘marketing of a myth’…”

(Dr David Healy- Daily Mail –)

There are over 1000 references in Dr Terry Lynch’s new book (“Depression Delusion Volume One– the myth of the chemical imbalance”) and each one completely demolishes the fraudulent chemical imbalance basis for depression. This myth is still  perpetuated out of ignorance by some, and purposely by others (mainly pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists). The only ones who have ever benefited from this damaging fraud are the pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists and doctors. This theory has done nothing for advancing the understanding of depression. Patients have been damaged from this fraud. This theory has  helped the industry to sell billions worth of SSRI drugs but it has also kept people dependent on these drugs and kept people in the dark about the true nature of their condition. It’s in psychiatry’s interest to have drugs to prescribe based on this fraud, because psychiatry feels validated by it and psychiatry craves validation. This is why the psychiatric profession colludes and protects the drug companies and stands by the abuse of patients (from over prescribing and over medicating). This does a huge dis service to mental health sufferers.

As Terry points out the chemical imbalance theory is a delusion, it is by ‘definition misinforming’.  Depression mainly comes from trauma, and emotional wounding. If there are hypothetically chemical changes in the brain after the trauma or wounding (such as changes in serotonin etc) these changes are immeasurable anyhow, therefore the idea that a chemical imbalance is the cause of depression is not only absurd, it is unscientific and absolutely unsound. This myth is a scam, it always has been, and it’s high time that psychiatrists were held to account for the damage which this theory has caused to very vulnerable people over many decades. There will be huge opposition to Terry’s book, and his views (the psychiatric/pharmaceutical lobby are extremely powerful and influential). They will try to discredit him and they will try to silence him and they will try to undermine him- but this book illuminates the truth as self evident. Personally, I believe, Terry’s work and writings in the area of mental health, will be relied upon as touchstone works for the understanding of these human conditions over the coming decades, and indeed centuries. I think his work is just as important as Dorothy Rowe’s.

The truth cannot be discredited anymore.

Bravo Terry.

You are a true patient advocate.

(You can listen to Terry’s interview on George Hook radio show on the link above or through the link below- which ever works on your browser/device )



  1. colin ryshaf

    It is not just paroxetine of course, as Professor Healy will concur. I was a victim of citalopram, which caused me great harm and did me no good

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