Dr Terry Lynch’s ‘Depression Delusion’ Released Now On Amazon.Com


Professor Ivor Browne, consultant psychiatrist, former professor of psychiatry at University College, Dublin said of Dr Terry Lynch:

…“The following is my endorsement of Dr. Terry Lynch and his work: The prevailing approach to psychiatry reduces people to a biological collection of tissues and organs, human suffering to unidentified brain abnormalities, and the alleviation of human suffering to various substances whose main action is to change how people feel rather than any specific or necessary remedial effect within the body. If anything, the situation is getting worse as the years pass. For the past ten years or more, Terry Lynch has been one of the very few doctors within the medical profession in Ireland who has been prepared to question the psychiatric understanding of and approach to human suffering. He has consistently called for a reappraisal of how human suffering and distress is interpreted and responded to within modern western societies, a reappraisal that I support, that I believe is urgently required in the public interest. Would that there were more enlightened doctors and psychiatrists in the country”…

(Letter, 16th September 2013).

I am delighted to announce that Dr Terry Lynch’s new book ‘Depression Delusion‘ is out now on Amazon. Terry is most well known for his book best selling book ‘Beyond Prozac‘, and his other book ‘Selfhood‘ comes also highly recommended, however personally I think that ‘Depression Delusion‘ will rock the psychiatric establishment and psychiatric drugs industry to its foundations (or at least it should!). The more widely read it becomes the more unstable the ‘chemical imbalance theory’ will become. It’s about time that someone buried this absurd theory, and Terry has done just that.

My review of ‘Depression Delusion’ can be found here.

Phil Hickey, and Leonie’s Fennel’s, reviews of ‘Depression Delusion‘ can be found here:



“…In this truly remarkable — and meticulously researched — volume, Dr. Lynch annihilates psychiatry’s cherished chemical imbalance theory of depression.  Every facet of this theory, which the author correctly calls a delusion, is critically analyzed and found wanting.  Example after example is provided of psychiatrists promoting this fiction, the factual and logical errors of which are clearly exposed in Dr. Lynch’s lucid, seamless, and highly readable prose.” (Phil Hickey)

“..This fabulous book is a must for everyone who believes that they are suffering from a brain chemical imbalance (an unwitting Bressie springs to mind). Dr Lynch is one very brave man to take on the so-called ‘experts’ in this forthright manner. It’s a David and Goliath situation. Will the truth win out? Is this generation ready to see that the so-called ‘experts’ are in fact philistines? I sure hope so! Huge respect to Dr Terry Lynch for this much-needed exposé. His book is out in September and I look forward to the fall-out. ‘Depression Delusion Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance’ is most definitely a keeper…” (Leonie Fennell)

The following videos give a glimpse into the amazing work Dr Terry Lynch has been doing for sufferers of mental health problems for the past two decades. Dr Lynch is a sincere patient advocate and I recommend ‘Depression Delusion’ to anybody who is suffering from depression, and/or has been told by their doctor or psychiatrist that they have a so called ‘chemical imbalance’. Maybe you are aware that this imbalance is incorrect but you need a reference book to show your doctor? if so, then this book is ideal.

I wish it was written back when my doctor told me that I had a chemical imbalance in 1998. He told me I would have it for life and needed SSRI’s to correct it. Lo and behold, he was wrong .I was conned. We all were. The chemical imbalance is a fraud which has caused immeasurable damage to our understanding of depression and how it should be approached.  There are many people that should never have been prescribed SSRI’s, most of these people, suffering distress, could have done better with talk therapy (or at the very least should have been warned of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms of the drugs). The SSRI age has caused a new societal problem, it has created damage to many people, and these people are now left with SSRI induced damage on top of their original condition. We are in the post-SSRI age, the post ‘chemical imbalance’ age, and we are now definitely in the age of the SSRI survivors. Terry’s book ‘Depression Delusion‘ gives validation to all SSRI survivors, and all sufferers of depression. It is essential reading for anyone who is interested in these topics.


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  1. Nafsica (Sasa) Kelly

    Biological theories seem to erase any blame or responsibility that might be put upon the patient.Most biological treatments are drug therapies it can argue that drug treatments target the symptoms rather than the root causes of psychological disorders.
    Love is discipline we simply cannot love everyone.I have an awareness of the Scandal I feel sad I wish I can do more to help young children.Mental health is an ongoing process dedication to reality at all costs covering up our emotion is the opposit.Without intent researchers become colonisers by owning data about oppressed people the experts own part of them.The very owing and controlling of the stories of oppression adds further to the oppression as it means that there now people who claim to know and understand you better than you understand yourself there experts there to interpret your world and speak on your behalf.They take away your voice by speaking about you and for you Lynch and Oneill 1994.It is the requirement that we do not colonise the injustice of others,and exacerbate their powerlessness and their susceptibility to manipulation and control.
    Regular physical activity can improved mood enhance vigor heighten self-esteem and sharpen mental faculties.The mood enhancing benefits of aerobic exercise may due to changes in brain biochemistry.
    Knowledge is power.The real aim of all children was revealed as constancy in work and spontaneity in choice of work without guidance of teacher following some inner guide they occupied themselves in work different for each that gave them joy and peace and them something else appeared they had never before know among children a spontaneous discipline until now
    if a child carries out the will of a teacher he is afraid,or because in effection is exploited ,he has no will and obedience that is secured by suppression of the will is unhealthy.
    The first step is to organised society In our care the environment is what fixes the children’s threads and after six years another thread begins to close to gether these separate threads weaving in and out to organise them once they woven together they no longer need.The children they reveal that they must first be individuals of developed will,and then a call which brings them together preceding organization first strength of will needed then cohesion by will
    There is only one time for mental construction if in man’s and if at that time it cannot occur or occur badly owing to faulty conditions, then it not surprising that the human masses are underdeveloped .The qualities to be encouraged are these formed in the creative period and if at that time they have difficulty in establishing later.Students can be negatively labelled as low ability.Even young children demonstrate an ability to rank themselves and their classmate according to academic ability Crocker 1991. Recent research indicates that optimists and pessimists approach problems differently, and their ability to cope successfully with adversity differs as a result.All the therapist and research in the world are as nothing if people are ignorant, Prevention cause less
    Nafsica Kelly


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