HAHAHAHA… “Patient safety is GSK’s number one priority”…

GSK are at it again, they’re making silly jokes, having a laugh, being really funny and ironic with crazy statements and just generally being hilarious…

Here’s some recent GSK humdingers..


Patient safety is GSK’s number one priority and we are actively conducting research into the observed association between Pandemrix and narcolepsy and the interaction this vaccine might have had with other risk factors in those affected,” the company said.

“We take the safety of patients who entrust their health in our vaccines and medicines very seriously.”..

Not so hilarious however, is narcolepsy. A life long crippling condtion induced by GSK’s (completely unnecessary and over-hyped) Pandemrix vaccine for the pandemic that never came!

The lives of these kids damaged from Pandemrix will never be the same again, neither will the lives of those damaged and killed by Seroxat…

Remember folks..

GSK is a company that damages and kills kids for profit!..


Seroxat linked to suicidal behaviour in kids

  • Jun 10, 2003

By Deborah Condon

Anti-depressant drug, seroxat, should not be used to treat anyone under the age of 18, as it appears to increase the rate of self harm and suicidal thoughts and behaviour in children and adolescents, the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) has warned.

Despite the fact that Seroxat is only licensed in Ireland for use in people over the age of 18, doctors here have the authority to prescribe it for younger patients if it is deemed appropriate. It is estimated that around 350 Irish children are currently being treated with the drug.




  1. solo49

    I too very much hope that issues stemming from study 329 will be resolved in the next few weeks. However, whereas Dr Healy’s respected comment above referred to, might well bear axiomatic weight at law, there remains many causes to doubt the natural poignancy of his assumption, that, parents ‘TRUSTED’ their doctors because doctors TRUSTED’ study 329:

    I say this in view of the many false and misleading drug trials, ghost written drug appraisals by paid Pharma stooges and their ‘running dogs’ in political, psychiatric, media, medical and celebrity fields; that have formed part and parcel of what doctors have routinely been palming off to unsuspecting ‘patients’ from the very outset of Huxley and Orwell’s ‘expert’ driven, mind controlling ‘brave new world’ and ‘cultural revolution’ that kicked off both practically and experimentally during the 1950’s and which was further based upon the creeping foundation of the DSM that served from the late 1960’s as method for force feeding the growth of drug experimentation as well as ‘politically correct’ and brain damaging/soul destroying results of so many of the Pharma industry’s disingenuous approaches.

    Whereas I guess that most patients including ‘parents’ might tend through feelings of dependence, ignorance, necessity or sheer hopefulness to trust their doctors,, hopefully patients will tend in future to be more assertive and inquiring. And if doctors should twig that such inquisitiveness bears hint of acute distrust, then perhaps doctors and their representative bodies will take timely and authentic remedial actions to more carefully and thoroughly ensure the validity’ of their assurances to ‘patients’.

      • solo49

        Thanks Truthman;. praise indeed from the master of tragicomedic (doubtless no such word) exuberance as side effect of punishing literary endeavour.. .

        Whereas I’ve been trained in report writing, It still took me more than two hours to put that comment together. For a long time after coming off cold from a 12/14 year stint involving a prescribed mixture of Benzodiazepines and Antipsychotics and other drugs that had included a course of Imipramine, I got into the lingering habit, of writing more or less in poetic terms that didn’t always make sense!

        As for Narcolepsy, I missed many a train stop because of lingering effects resembling same and even managed on one rare occasion to drop off and with the usual implausible excuse whilst sitting alongside a respected member of the nobility at a fairly prestigious venue. Very embarrassing and as I’m sure you are aware, Narcolepsy can also be as dangerous as it is socially embarrassing..

        I didn’t take SEROXAT but know of its suicide inducing potential particularly during the so called ‘early stage of treatment’. Thus, I do admire and applaud your work and tenacity and not least of all Bob FIDDAMAN’s heroic efforts to keep the SEROXAT issue alive and kicking. Y’all have earned a positive result from the pending 329 revision.

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