GSK Announces New Breakthrough Drug..

GSK have announced a new breakthrough drug ‘Stoopidaprix’ for the treatment of Sociopathy- a terrible affliction which affects up to 3% of the population…

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Just kidding of course.. that was just some satire and parody…

However GSK have got a new drug called Mosquirix approved (which is for the treatment of Malaria).

The press is gushing sycophantic praise for it by the shed full however some of us aren’t so easily convinced. GSK’s Seroxat and Avandia drugs were both hailed as wonder drugs but they ended up being anything but..

When I think of Mosquirix, I think of Pandemrix and the havoc which that vaccine has caused…

We won’t find out the full effects of this vaccine for a few years, and by then millions of Africans will already be vaccinated with it..

Let’s hope for their sakes it’s not another Seroxat, Avandia or Pandemrix..

It’s a GSK drug and you just can’t trust their trials, their ability to be ethical, or their propaganda..

“…The latest results, published in the Lancet medical journal in April, showed that the vaccine works better in children from the age of five months than in younger babies. This means it cannot be added to the routine infant vaccination schedule. Another drawback is that it is a multi-dose vaccine, and its effect wanes over time so a booster shot is needed…”

Brian Greenwood, professor of clinical tropical medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who has been involved in the project for two decades, has described the vaccine as “imperfect”..”



  1. Laurie Oakley

    Right on. I had similar thoughts when a sleep specialist told me about a new sleep medicine from Merck. I want to bring up Vioxx among other things, but knew it would be useless as doctors don’t generally listen to a thing I have to say.

    Even if this malaria drug works, I doubt those who are harmed by it will ever see justice.

    We know better!

  2. Karen Ferguson

    Incredibly good dialogue here: I feel conned. “How to Con”..he’s good at it. How can one sell a pill that is only for 3% of the population. Or are they coming out w/ another illness to treat with it? Shipping it across the border into Mexico w/ help w/ profits:they’ll market it for dengue fever! Thanks Truthman, I’m going back for more. Thanks for the notice too.

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