Mosquirix: GSK’s new Malaria Vaccine? .. Will it be safe?

GSK are heavily promoting their new Malaria vaccine, Mosquirix, at the moment, and of course the press are gushing sycophantic praise for it by the bucket-load. It has just been approved in Europe but personally, I’d take my chances with Malaria rather than take any GSK product. They just can’t be trusted to produce safe drugs because their safety record leaves a hell of a lot to be desired.

For example, their flu vaccine, Pandemirix, which was heavily touted for the (media generated) flu-scare a few years ago, has been shown to be extremely dodgy indeed, and many patients are now suing GSK because they have developed Narcolepsy because of this vaccine. Then of course we have the two most notorious GSK drugs of recent times, the killers – Seroxat (a dangerous anti-depressant which induces suicide) and Avandia (a diabetes drug which causes heart attacks)- the death toll, and scale of human misery, from those two drugs alone easily reaches into the hundreds of thousands.

Not forgetting of course, GSK’s Myodil dye, which has caused immeasurable pain and damage to tens of thousands of people for decades. Even with the GSK drugs which aren’t killers, GSK’s track record of inflating the positives, and hiding the negatives, when it comes to side effects, and clinical trials, is well known in the industry and beyond.

Their 3 Billion dollar fine with the department of justice consisted of a couple of hundred pages of various unethical shenanigans with various drugs over the years, and this is only the skullduggery that they were caught doing, imagine what they really get away with? They don’t call GSK, the “GLOBAL SERIAL KILLERS” for nothing, you know what I mean?

Mosquirix, no thanks.. I’ll take my chances with Malaria..

Because at least with Malaria, you know what you’re getting…

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