Did Seroxat (Paxil) Kill Michelle McCann?..



“…she had been prescribed anti-depressant Seroxat, which she took for about 20 years…”

“He told the inquest a nurse had said Michelle was better after taking new medication and having had a good night’s sleep.”

Michelle McCann, a 42 year old mother from Grimbsy in the UK, threw herself off a high building in a busy shopping district in her local town. What would lead a young mother to such despair that she would choose to kill herself in such a particularly violent and cruel way? Does depression really cause these violent suicides?

The glaringly obvious factor, which the article I posted yesterday, mentions is- Michelle was prescribed Seroxat (Paxil) for 20 years! SSRI antidepressant’s like Seroxat are notorious for causing violent suicides like these. There are tens of thousands of documented cases, there have been 4 BBC Panorama documentaries about these side effects of suicide, violence etc. The BBC wouldn’t do 4 documentaries on the same subject if there was no merit in their claims. The panorama documentary series was unprecedented for the BBC ,as was the public response, which in itself verified Panorama’s original expose.

The website Antidepaware has been tracking these cases of SSRI violence and suicide in the UK, and SSRI stories has been tracking them globally for many years. There is something like 6000 SSRI stories like Michelle’s documented there. And if we are to take these cases as a mere 10 percent of what gets reported, we can only guesstimate that there are tens of thousands more which don’t get tracked. Dr David Healy, Dr Peter Dr Breggin, Joseph Glenmullen, Dr Michael Corry, Dr Terry Lynch, Robert Whitaker and many many others have been speaking out against these dangerous side effects for years, yet mainstream psychiatry chooses to defend the drug companies instead of warning patients? This abuse of vulnerable people has to stop…

After being in Seroxat in my twenties for 3 and a half years I felt violently suicidal most of the time I was on it, I also felt hostile, aggressive and totally messed up (these feelings stopped when I finally came out of a long and protracted withdrawal and I had not had these behaviors before Seroxat). I am lucky to be alive, however many were not so lucky, and I can only imagine how truly horrendous it must be to be trapped on Seroxat for 20 years.

I really hope that the coroner takes Seroxat into consideration. In the article it also mentions that Michelle had changed medication, does this mean she has come off Seroxat and had switched to another anti-depressant? Or that she was prescribed another psychiatric drug on top of Seroxat? If she was withdrawing or switching, or being prescribed another drug with Seroxat, then it is not surprising at all that she killed herself in such a violent way. Seroxat withdrawal is notorious for causing violent suicides, as indeed is Seroxat at any time the individual is on it: at the beginning, during or coming off it. Seroxat is simply lethal for anyone at any time.

I shudder to think how many people are now on Seroxat for 10, 15, 20 years or more. I found it extremely difficult to come off Seroxat after 3 and a half years. I can’t fathom how hard it must be to come off it after 20 years. Also the side effects by that time must be unbearable. My heart goes out to this young woman, she must have been in so much pain, and I hope her family find peace..


“Representing Miss McCann’s family, barrister James Robottom said the allocated four hours for the hearing would not be long enough to have a full examination of the facts in the case.

He wanted more independent expert opinion on the level of care provided to Miss McCann, who was an “informal patient” at Grimsby’s Harrison House.

Mr Robottom said the family would like to have a jury inquest to assess the level of mental health care provided for Miss McCann.”



  1. kiwi

    “If she was withdrawing or switching, or being prescribed another drug with Seroxat, then it is not surprising at all that she killed herself in such a violent way.”
    Its time the BBC did a 5th documentary.

    • kiwi

      “In the article it also mentions that Michelle had changed medication”
      Assuming this is correct then her doctors incompetence killed her.
      To get off seroxat after 20 yrs she should have been tapered off very slowly, where slowly may well have needed to be 5% of previous dose per month taking something like 5 years to taper off if all going well. 5% may even be too fast.
      A switch wont cover the withdrawal horror from seroxat, so essentially she was cold turkeyed off one of the most addictive and brain altering chemicals ever manufactured for human consumption. Its bad enough doing a CT after just one months use but 20 yrs oh my i cant imagine the hell she would have been plunged into. Her doctor should be jailed for murder.

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