The Seroxat Cover Up

In 2002 …

Dr Alistair Benbow

Dr Benbow said the drug is safe

Dr Alistair Benbow, of GlaxoSmithkline, said: “Seroxat is an effective and generally well tolerated treatment for the management of depression.“It has been used effectively in tens of millions of patients in many countries world-wide, and I think patients have nothing to fear from taking Seroxat.” Dr Benbow said the regulators had scrutinised all the available data on Seroxat. “I have personally reviewed all the data, and from my personal studies I say there is no credible evidence that Seroxat causes suicide.”

Just highlighting some of the department of Justice legal complaint’s passages about how GSK covered up the dangerous and debilitating side effects of their defective Seroxat/Paxil anti-depressant, a drug which killed and maimed people of all ages, from the unborn, to babies, children, teenagers, young adults and adults too.

Safe, effective and well tolerated?… is it really GSK?..


According to the United States Department of Justice Paxil Complaint, Seroxat (Paxil) is far from safe, well tolerated or effective ..


  seroxat ser3seroxat



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