All four of the BBC Panorama’s outstanding exposes of GSK’s ‘antidepressant’ Seroxat are now available to view online. The BBC’s investigation of Seroxat and GSK were unprecedented both in their scope and in the response which they received from the public. The first documentary, “The Secrets of Seroxat” from 2002 received tens of thousands of personal responses from people in England who had taken Seroxat and suffered frightening side effects such as aggression, personality changes, nightmares, withdrawal, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, suicide attempts (and in some cases self harm and completed suicides).

Personally I believe these documentaries are essential viewing for anyone who has been harmed by psychiatric drugs, SSRI’s, the pharmaceutical industry or psychiatry/doctors, and of course for those taking Seroxat. Just how far and how low would a drug company go to cover up dangerous side effects and protect its drug over patients health?

After ‘The Secrets of Seroxat”, the viewers response was so great that the BBC made a follow up documentary called “E-mails from the edge“. This documentary, is in some ways, even more disturbing, than the first one, as it contains many harrowing first hand accounts of GSK’s hideous ‘anti-depressant’.

The third documentary, “Taken on trust” focuses on the toothless regulator- the MHRA- and the various shenanigans relating to their involvement in the Seroxat scandal and the fourth, “Secrets of the drug trials” concentrates on GSK’s fraudulent Seroxat study (329) which led to many children being prescribed a drug which should never have been licensed. (Link to Secrets Of The Drug Trials)


One thought on “All Four BBC Panorma Seroxat Documentaries Now Available To View Online…

  1. You can only blame the government- they’re supposed to be looking after our interests- but their giving drug dealing sleazes- the power to power over us with these psychotropic poisons “forcefully- just because there’s someone there with poisons to poison us- doesn’t mean you give them permission to poison us- or give a rat the opportunity to poison us- free will- that’s the bogey man- the right- the legislation- that lets, these disgusting bent people, poison who they think/imagine poses a threat- in their intolerant- indoctrinated- highly imaginative- misery- minds. who cares about bunnies and their own choice to eat poison for the misery they’ve been sold and told about in advertising- word of mouth- etc- its the people being forced to eat it that matter- the saddened unhappy and forced psychiatric poison addicts- – who matter way more than anyone one else. if you chose to have it- you can choose not to have it- people being forced to- CANT get off it safely- and cant choose to not have it without going mad- and “World Government’s” are to blame– for it all- because they all legislate they can..

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