RIP Gavin Clark

“Gavin Clark: I’m not sure how to answer this without sounding like a nut. I’ve had bouts of depression and panic attacks since my early 20s and had the usual addictions to booze and drugs that go hand in hand with mental illness. I can’t escape it and have almost learnt to accept it, it’s part of me. My songs are a reflection of the world as i see it, and the world as I see it is often dark but not hell. I’m filled with hope sometimes I think but mostly it’s dark with the odd shaft of light.”

I’ve just watched a documentary called ‘The Living Room‘ by director Shane Meadows about his friend, and collaborator, the recently deceased musician Gavin Clark. Shane Meadows is an English director whose groundbreaking film (and subsequent series), This Is England,  is one of the finest works of British film making of recent times, for those of you that haven’t seen it, check it out.

Gavin’s music features in much of Shane Meadows works, and some of it can be seen in the recent documentary by Meadows about Gavin’s struggle to perform live.

Gavin’s long struggle with depression and anxiety can be clearly seen half-way through the documentary when he attempts for the first time to play his music to an audience in his living room. As with all of Meadows work, this documentary is both poignant and moving. Anyone who has ever struggled with depression and anxiety would be able to identify with Gavin’s struggles and inner demons- themes which he also explored in his music.

Sadly, Gavin passed away at the age of 46 in February of this year. It is unknown whether Gavin took his own life or what the exact cause of death was, but it seems (considering Gavin’s long battle with anxiety and depression) that it may have been a suicide. It’s also unknown whether Gavin was treated by a psychiatrist at the time, or whether he was on SSRI’s or other psychiatric drugs…

RIP Gavin..



  1. Chris

    A very, very sad loss to the world. A haunted songwriter with music that will always resonate with life experience whoever the audience happens to be.

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