Footballer Ian Redford Describes Hallucinations On Seroxat

Some good insights into the dodgy side effects of Seroxat by footballer Ian Redford in his autobiography, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”.. ianr1 Ianr2 ianr3


One comment

  1. Hamsanwich

    Documentary ? Ha ! Why did you come forward ? Ha ! They know now why your lazy Ass came forward…only because the 1 real WB told you too on advice of a dumbass. You are even dumber, says a Federal Judge. Party is over Piggy Wiggly. Ha!
    Your life is a hallucination. End of story.
    Truthman has it right. Get off this site loser. You are an irrelevant fake. It is coming..your day in Court, not just civil..
    criminal -boy.

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