Dr David Healy’s New Post: “Magna Pharma”..

Dr David Healy knocks it out of the ballpark again with another post “Magna Pharma”. Some people complain that David’s style is inaccessible, this might be true to an extent, but I don’t think he’s deliberately trying to be inaccessible. I believe he is a metaphorical genius and if you work at reading what he is saying- behind the metaphors- the intelligence and wisdom in his thoughts about the issues in pharma, psychiatry and pharmacology are staggering. His posts are also extremely rewarding. He truly is a one of a kind and I wholeheartedly believe that in 20 years time people will say, “why didn’t they listen to Healy?”…

The establishment (which includes mainstream psychiatry, pharma companies like GSK, and the various other players like the MHRA etc) have long been afraid of David Healy. I had always thought it was because he was speaking out against injustice, and exposing lies and fraud. He ruffled feathers by challenging the status quo. These were certainly factors, but when he started his blog, I realized it was much more than that: they fear him because he is the Nicolaus Copernicus of psychiatry. He is the game-changer because he speaks the truth and the truth has a resonance. Truth (revelation? epiphany?) spreads like wild-fire so once it’s out of the box- it’s very difficult to put it back in. David is a beacon of truth in a rotten system where lies and deceit are institutionalized. I hope his blog is being read widely and I imagine there are many amongst his detractors who now quiver when they realize that the truth he speaks is now utterly self evident, and furthermore that truth has been realized not just by Healy, but by many many others (for quite some time). So in light of Healy and his beacon of truth – for how long can the (psychiatric/pharma) establishment hold on to their archaic views?

With the power of the internet… not for much longer… hopefully…


Magna Pharma

June, 15, 2015 | 6 Comments


  1. lisa

    David Healy is what none of his detractors can ever be. He is a gentleman. He doesn’t need to use dirty tactics or smear campaigns because his words are the truth.
    He is extremely intelligent but also has great wisdom. He truly cares about people.
    He gets nowhere near the recognition he deserves for his work for transparency in medicine. He will do though and I honestly believe in 50 or so years people will look back incredulous and say “why didn’t the public listen to Professor Healy and do something”.
    His detractors should quiver in their boots. Pharma thought they could silence him and lost. He will keep speaking the truth. We the public are lucky to have him on our side.

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