Translation Of Dutch Article On Seroxat Murder Trial And Paroxetine Experiment

One of my readers was kind enough to send me a proper translation of this article about a Seroxat induced murder trial in the Netherlands- from Dutch to English,

The kindness of strangers never ceases to humble me..

Here is the correct translation:

(And thanks again to the kind reader who translated it)

Original Source Dutch newspaper (widely-read tabloid) Algemeen Dagblad

Published 2nd June 2015

(Original title: Justitie gebruikt verdachte moord prostituee als proefkonijn = Dept of Justice using prostitute murder suspect as guinea pig)

Update: The Dutch Justice Department will use a man accused of murder as a guinea pig. In an attempt to explain the murder, the suspect will undergo experiments with the antidepressant paroxetine.

In January 2013 prostitute Mariyana Lenarova (43) was killed in the city of Groningen. The mother of two children died as the result of multiple stab wounds in her “business room”. Two large meat knives were found nearby.

Five days after the murder, the suspect Fokko F. was arrested. The man, who is now 46, says he cannot remember his visit to the prostitute. At the time he was taking the controversial antidepressant paroxetine (Paxil), a drug that according to researchers can lead to extreme aggression.

On the initiative of his lawyer, Paul van Jaarsveld, and with the agreement of F., researchers will carry out experiments in a clinical and secure environment. “His dosage is first being reduced to the level at which he claims to have been on at the time of the murder, ” said his lawyer. “ Then changes will be made to the dosage to see if he becomes disordered. This will be done using, amongst other things, placebos. ”

“This experiment will be double-blind,” the lawyer explains. “ My client will not know when the medication is being adjusted and nor will the nursing staff, so they cannot influence the outcome. ” Besides, Van Jaarsveld is not even sure that his client is guilty of the murder of the prostitute. ” But if he did it, then there must be a reason for it. It is important that the judge knows the circumstances under which the offence was committed. ”

Not aggressive
The lawyer hopes the experiment will show that F can indeed suddenly become aggressive as a result of fluctuations in dosage. According to Van Jaarsveld there is no other explanation from the criminal file for a sudden outbreak of violence.

The lawyer does not rule out that the use of paroxetine may lead to dismissal of any prosecution. That would rule out a prison sentence, but a measure such as a forced treatment could be imposed on the murderer. The experiment starts in July. The trial [court proceedings] does not start until after the summer.

The drug paroxetine pops up increasingly during lawsuits. In 2014 the lawyer for convicted murderer Ids I. previously spoke of “a social problem”. Her client had acted under the influence of the drug. His case is still pending in the Supreme Court. In a previous ‘serious threat’ case, a judge in Groningen significantly reduced the sentence because of the influence of paroxetine. The drug is also implicated in the double murder case in Baflo.

International research shows that some people are genetically susceptible to the drug paroxetine. They are at increased risk of becoming violent.


update Justitie gaat een van moord verdachte man gebruiken als proefkonijn. In een poging om de moord te verklaren, ondergaat de verdachte experimenten met het antidepressivum paroxetine.

In januari 2013 werd prostituee Mariyana Lenarova (43) in de Groningse binnenstad om het leven gebracht. De moeder van twee kinderen bezweek in haar eigen peeskamer aan de gevolgen van meerdere messteken. In de buurt werden twee grote vleesmessen gevonden.

Vijf dagen na de moord werd verdachte Fokko F. opgepakt. De nu 46-jarige man kan zich naar eigen zeggen niets meer herinneren van zijn bezoek aan de prostituee. Hij slikte in die tijd het omstreden antidepressivum paroxetine (Seroxat), een medicijn dat volgens onderzoekers kan leiden tot heftige agressie.

Op initiatief van zijn advocaat Paul van Jaarsveld en met instemming van F. doen onderzoekers proeven in een klinische en gesloten omgeving. ,,Hij wordt eerst teruggebracht tot de dosering die hij in de periode van de moord zegt te hebben gehad”, aldus zijn raadsman. ,,Dan worden er wijzigingen aangebracht in de dosering om te kijken of hij ontregeld raakt. Dat doen ze onder meer met placebo’s.”

,,Dit gebeurt dubbelblind”, legt de advocaat uit. ,,Mijn cliënt weet niet wanneer de medicatie aangepast wordt en het verzorgend personeel ook niet, zodat zij de uitkomsten niet kunnen beïnvloeden.” Van Jaarsveld is er overigens niet zeker van dat zijn cliënt schuldig is aan de moord op de prostituee. ,,Maar stel dat hij het wel gedaan heeft, dan moet daar een reden voor zijn. Het is van belang dat de rechter precies weet onder welke omstandigheden het delict is gepleegd.”

Niet agressief
De raadsman hoopt dat uit het experiment zal blijken dat F. inderdaad vanuit het niets agressief kan worden van schommelingen in de dosering. Volgens Van Jaarsveld is uit het strafdossier geen enkele andere verklaring te halen voor een plotselinge geweldsuitbarsting.

De raadsman sluit niet uit dat het gebruik van paroxetine kan leiden tot ontslag van alle rechtsvervolging. Dat zou een celstraf uitsluiten, wel kan aan de moordenaar dan een maatregel worden opgelegd, zoals een gedwongen behandeling. Het experiment begint in juli. De rechtszaak volgt pas na de zomer.

Het middel paroxetine duikt steeds vaker op tijdens rechtszaken. De advocaat van de in 2014 voor moord veroordeelde Ids I. sprak eerder al van ‘een maatschappelijk probleem’. Ook haar cliënt zou onder invloed van het middel gehandeld hebben. Zijn zaak loopt nog bij de Hoge Raad. Eerder kwam een rechter in Groningen in een ernstige bedreigingszaak tot een aanzienlijke lagere straf vanwege de invloed van paroxetine. Ook in de dubbele moordzaak in Baflo speelt het middel een rol.

Uit internationaal onderzoek blijkt dat sommige mensen genetisch gevoeliger zijn voor het middel paroxetine. Zij lopen een verhoogd risico om gewelddadig te worden.



  1. kiwi

    As if there isn’t enough evidence available already for this judge.
    Hey judge ever heard of Andreas Lubitz ?
    Do you know what i reckon …i reckon the judge should order the guys doctor to take paroxetine for a month then double the dose for the second month then CT it…and everyone take out a pen and notebook. This way his doctor can report on manifestations first hand.

    “International research shows that some people are genetically susceptible to the drug paroxetine.”
    Thats right blame the person and not the poison!

  2. Penelope P.

    That’s a risky experiment. He might have any reaction, or none. Every time you restart, a different demon might come out of the bottle. And he won’t be blinded to what he took if it has any effect, so the other lawyer shouldn’t accept it anyway. He also might get Tardive dyskenisia or dystonia (which is worse) or pgad or pssd.

    If they know it’s genetic why don’t they require blood tests?

    A writer is doing 63 months for what he said in youtube videos in the US. He even knows it was because he’s just quit Paxil/Suboxone, but he didn’t try that as a defense. He’d written for major magazines-Vanity Fair, the Huffington Post, the Guardian. He ought to sue GodlessSadisticKillers.

    • truthman30

      I agree.. very dodgy experiment, will be interesting to see though what happens with this case..
      I wasn’t aware of the other thing about the writer on Paxil doing time..
      I will research it, any links to the Paxil connection?

      • Penelope P.

        I posted below, and it’s also in the mashable link under the video above which was hard to notice 🙂

  3. BOB FIDDAMAN (@Fiddaman)

    Very interesting indeed.

    However, I have never heard of a half-arsed clinical trial before, which is essence, what this is.

    The guy is merely being used as a guinea pig, surely there is some sort of human rights violation happening here?

    If, as he alleges, he suffered some sort of psychotic reaction to Seroxat/Paxil then why on earth would he wish to go through that hell again?

    Proving that Seroxat, or a reduction of it, makes him “angry”, won’t prove one way or the other whether or not…

    a, he killed the prostitute

    b, he can’t remember

    What more do you know about this case? Who are prosecuting, who are the expert witnesses, do Glaxo have representatives involved?

    • truthman30

      I know, it’s a bit ridiculous, also surely they could just look at the PIL of Seroxat and then they would see that the litany of disturbing side effects it induces would surely make anyone go insane?

    • truthman30

      I don’t know a lot more about this case Fid, however, it is interesting that the Dutch article also references two other cases of Seroxat induced violence in the Netherlands… perhaps they are beginning to join the dots there?

  4. kiwi

    This really doesn’t sound ethical.
    And here is the thing …once you trigger full blown ssri wdl all bets are off on how to relieve it, with prior yo-yo-ing of doses an updose may not stabilize a drug impaired cns/brain and this guy may be a nonfunctional human for many years.

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