Hello To The US House Of Representatives…

Noticed some views from the highest echelons of global political power today..

The US House Of Representatives

whoever you are.. if you want to contact me, please do:

I don’t publish all the info I have in my possession..





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  1. HighPlainsDrifter

    I am the main and only whistleblower in this case of 3 billion, and I can prove that. This is a good venue to get some truths out. The truth is the entire GSK settlement was a farce. The highest ranking officials at the DOJ were involved in a huge quid pro quo for the company. I believe I have some idea of what transpired over a nine year period. My Claim was reduced from over 350 pages with 750 exhibits to some 80 pages. Many of the major drugs were either just ignored and others such as Paxil and all the others were given really no fine. GSK made it all back under a 9 year seal from the people, while under the Obama Holder DOJ – the case was unsealed to the company in 2008–4 years before the so- called settlement. They were then able to mount a defense. Holder was a former defense attorney for GSK on this case. He supposedly recused himself, only an investigation would see if he really did that. I am doubtful. Further the attorney for GSK- Geoffrey Hobart worked in the same office as the lead prosecutor, Sara Bloom for 8 years at the DOJ before his job defending them at Covington Burling.
    The supposed brief seal to see if the gov’t would join the case, meant for that purpose…went on for 9 years…they knew in 6 months after I testified to the FBI and 6-7 other Fed. agencies that they would join, in my opinion. I was threatened and coerced into a meager settlement, 3 months profit for GSK is 3 Billion dollars. I could not fight them…without the threat of not joining. ( They waited for almost the whole 9 years before joining me, and that was after they had a deal. It is an unbelievable story of corruption, waste of taxpayer dollars and a 3 billion dollar fine that should have been at least 10 times that…or more – according to FCA law. This DOJ makes laws, they don’t interpret them, and I am ashamed to have been a large part of the settlement.IT WAS A GIFT NOT A SETTLEMENT, AND GSK MADE MONEY- NOT LOST MONEY, STOCK PRICE GOES UP.
    One of my main complaints, off label marketing of Imitrex to children received no penalty whatsoever. Amazing – at least 30% of the Imitrex money was scripts for kids, some victims of heart attacks or worse due to the drug. I asked the lead prosecutor at the end of the case. Where is the fine for Imitrex off label marketing, especially for children. Her reply ” Oh , I did not know that Imitrex was not approved for children.”. This was a multi billion dollar fine in itself, and after 9 years she did not know that it was NEVER approved for use under 18 years of age. Horrific is the only word I can think of.

    There needs to be a full House investigation on this case…I can only guess at the truth, but there is so much I saw– nobody would believe it. DOJ cost the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, and I was helpless. Hundreds of thousands of deaths occurred because of some of these drugs–like Paxil and Avandia…NOBODY goes to jail. I went to the highest levels of GSK to complain, before they fired me and I filed suit. The other whistleblowers were all essentially terminated for other reasons, or in the process when I first filed. I went to the company. The DOJ is honest to GOD more corrupt than GSK.
    When I complained at the end – I was given the minimum, told to go to some island and forget all I saw…and drink some “umbrella drinks”…threats and intimidation and lying to whistleblowers was an everyday part of this ordeal for 9 years…they would not take them to trial, as some states have. They gave them a free pass.

    I wonder if Holder is back at his job at Covington Burling reaping the benefits of this outrageous action under his watch at DOJ. I don’t know but someone needs to get to the bottom on this. I am risking everything saying this much….they are ruthless liars and thieves and the taxpayers and Medicare and Medicaid are the losers here
    This is the mild part, I am afraid they would do me in if I said more. No other whistleblower will come forward…they took the advice of Bloom –Get the hell out, forget what you saw and go to some island and drink umbrella drinks.
    If EVER there was a need for a House Investigation on anything it is this case….which they call the Largest settlement in FCA history. It is a sick farce. I am Greg Thorpe. I think I can be found. Already with the small amount of things I have related, just the tip of the iceberg…I am being harassed by the IRS repeatedly. Once for a $6 error, while GSK writes the civil part of the case off on their taxes.

    I am sick to my stomach just remembering the very small part I have revealed for fear of my life and family….Investigate the bastards. Avandia killed my own mother, due to GSK hiding the cardiovascular side effects. There are hundreds of thousands just like her. They are not shutting me up. I will testify…and you will not believe what went on for 9 years on the taxpayers money.

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