GlaxoSmithKline: Still Profiting Off Their Death, Suicide, And Addiction Drug- Seroxat.

This GSK poison Seroxat (Paxil/Aropax) should have been banned over a decade ago.. but with still almost 500 million dollars in sales (most likely because of the long term addicts who can’t quit it)… GSK are not going to give it up anytime soon… And Anyhow GSK CEO Andrew Witty has long made his millions, however it’s all blood-money so enjoy it Sir Andrew, enjoy the GSK blood-money, think about all the deaths GSK drugs have caused when you’re playing with your stock options when you retire.. plenty of time to think then Sir Andrew…


GSK’s former best-selling franchise Paxil/Seroxat produced 2013 sales of £285 million ($446 million), down 16 percent compared to 2012, mainly due to generic competition in Japan and Europe.


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