Asbestos Contamination At A GSK Plant In Sligo Ireland?

Last year I received an e-mail from a whistle-blower based at the GSK (Stiefel) site who claimed that there was a major contamination problem at this GSK site in Sligo in Ireland. Allegedly, there was asbestos contamination which affected a few GSK drugs that are manufactured there (and also according to these claims- if they are true- some employees health has been affected by these health and safety breeches). I cannot verify with certainty if any of this is true or factual, as it seems the whistle-blower got cold feet and didn’t follow up after a few emails- (for one reason or other maybe they got scared, which is understandable considering GSK’s reputation). However, I happened to stumble upon this strange (locked) blog which is called, and a number of posts on Google plus (screen-shots below) which seem to be from a Whistle-blower involved in somehow attempting to alert the public to the alleged various issues (contamination etc) at the GSK Stiefel Site in Sligo, Ireland.

As I said already- I have no idea if this story on the aforementioned blog is true or not, so I am not responsible for the accuracy of these allegations, I am merely relaying information which was e-mailed to me and posting from information I found online, but something certainly seems a little strange and if these allegations are true it seems that people’s health has certainly been put at risk. The screenshots below (and the blog) is stuff I stumbled upon while merely Googling, therefore, they are not my responsibility (nor am I endorsing their content)- anyone can find them with a simple Google search. However from the information contained in the e-mails I originally received, I have no reason to doubt their sincerity or the authenticity of the original whistle-blower (who will of course remain anonymous). I would like to post more, but I will await word from the whistle-blower before I reveal the list of products produced at this site which are allegedly contaminated with asbestos (that’s if the source makes contact again- they might not). In the meantime- If anyone has any further information on this, please contact me on, furthermore if there is interest from media/journalists etc about this story- (perhaps they know more about this story?, maybe there is a legal case? or maybe I can lead them to a contact in order to explore further)- please mail me on the same e-mail.


GSK Asbestos




It is worth noting that GSK have had issues of contamination in other plants (that we are aware of) such as in Cork, and Puerto Rico. Their safety record  -or lack of it – (like a a lot of things GSK related- such as their ethics and morals) kind of speaks for itself.

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GlaxoSmithKline Ireland’s own quality control team ignored test results that could have indicated drug contamination at the Cork plant as far back as 2011,according to the US drugs watchdog.

The FDA began investigating GSK in Puerto Rico in 2001, issuing a warning letter. The company thus had nine years to get its act together — but didn’t.



  1. Charles Franklin

    Asbestos is a hazardous material due to its tendency to break into very fine fibres that are easily airborne and inhaled. Once inhaled, asbestos fibres are cleared from the lungs very slowly and can lead to cancers of the lung or chest, among other diseases.

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