Hello To The BBC, GSK, US State Department etc…

I have been getting some very interesting views lately. It’s not unusual for my blog to get hits from multinationals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, government departments etc, but this week the BBC seem to be enjoying reading through my blog a lot. Also I have been getting hits from the US department of state, again this is not unusual, as I have had hits from the US congress, NHS, NIH, US navy, and many other high-level organizations and groups for 8 years now, however my instinct tells me that something is brewing, in particular with the BBC and GSK. Perhaps they are researching for another documentary? If so, I would be very interested in helping them, and indeed if any other organization/individual or group is interested in talking to me directly – about anything on my blog- please contact me on my e-mail:  truthman30@gmail.com.

There is much information in my possession which I don’t blog about, for various reasons, therefore perhaps contacting me directly would help in your research? If so, use the e-mail above.





  1. kiwi

    Wow how wonderful …Go truthman …nothing quite like spreading THE TRUTH!!

    Back in approx 2003 the BBC did a piece on panorama due i believe to Healy’s prompting which resulted in a huge awareness and such a response from massive numbers of grievously harmed people that they had to do a follow up.
    Hey BBC dont forget this also :

    One of the greatest crimes against humanity is being committed …by those who have taken an oath to First admit no harm …or something like that…and those with a voice are doing nothing…thank you Truthman that you can say ‘Not on my watch’.
    There is a time to talk about history and a time to make history Hey BBC this is a time for you to step up and make history and stop the madness!! stop the making of millions into drug addicts by stealth, stop this crime and its perpetrators now!!

    A recovering ssri addict damaged and ruined by seroxat.

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