In a 2010 article in the Huffington Post, MIA Blogger Peter Breggin lamented that the FAA had recently lifted its absolute ban on antidepressants and was instead providing a “Medication Guide to patients and their families that warns about dangerous drug-induced reactions including suicide, violence and a variety of unexpected negative behaviors.” Breggin warned that, “The FAA should reverse its ruling before it’s too late and hundreds of lives are lost when a pilot becomes impulsive, suicidal or violent–or just loses his sharpness–under the influence of antidepressant medication.”

I have been drawing attention to the dangers of SSRI medications for over 8 years now on this blog, and since that time I have also drawn attention towards the various cases, of SSRI induced violence, including suicide, homicide, and murder/suicide. I was on Seroxat (Paxil/SSRI) for 4 years, I was never aggressive until I started to take it. I experienced suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, increased hostility, irritability, and numerous other side effects which were all caused directly by Seroxat. Many other SSRI’s and psychiatric drugs have the same effects. They even warn on the packets that they have these effects. Murder/suicides, and in particular, mass- murder suicides have been linked to SSRI/anti-depressant/psychiatric drug use, and withdrawal for decades now. I have spoken to dozens of people who have had these effects, there are literally tens of thousands of online forums where people are expressing their horror stories of SSRI’s and psychiatric drugs, many of these horror stories include behavioral changes, major mood swings, impulsiveness, violent thoughts and actions, etc etc. These are all side effects of SSRI’s, they are well documented. These are not conspiracy theories- these are facts.

Andreas Lubitz, killed himself, and hundreds of plane passengers, while under the ‘care’ of the psychiatric profession. There has been much speculation today in the media about what drugs was he prescribed, how bad was his depression, how long did he have it etc etc but very little attention has been put on the side effects of the drugs he might have been on, the dangers in withdrawal (where the effects are horrendous) and the fact that these drugs are ‘mind-altering’ (the clue is in the word- ‘mind-altering’).

In one article, high-profile psychiatrist, Simon Wessely has been warning of the dangers of a knee-jerk reaction to this case. He says that we should not stop depressed pilots from flying because this is an utterly bizarre and unpredictable event’…

Wessely then goes on to say:

“What does cause trouble is saying that if you ever have a history of depression then you should not be allowed to do whatever. That is wrong, as much as saying that people with a history of broken arms shouldn’t be allowed to do something.’

“Prof Wessely also stressed there was not a link between depression and aggressive suicide.”

Furthermore, the piece says, “around 100 commercial pilots in the UK have a history of depression with 42 currently on medication”.

I agree with Wessely that there is no link between depression and aggressive suicide (and it’s heartening hearing a psychiatrist admit this, because many don’t). However, I don’t understand why he doesn’t warn the public about the link between anti-depressants and aggressive suicide/homicide/self harm and hostility. Why does he not warn the public of the dangers of anti-depressants? These effects are not as unpredictable and bizarre as psychiatry would like to make us believe they are. The acts of SSRI induced murder, suicide and murder/suicide might be rare, but the SSRI induced suicidal/homicidal ideation is more common than people realize.
There might be a statistically small chance that someone will act on the murderous and suicidal impulses induced by SSRi’s but does that mean we shouldn’t warn people of it?
From my experience on SSRI’s, I know they can cause suicidal thoughts, homicidal impulses, hostility and aggression. Most people would be too embarrassed to report these things to their doctor or psychiatrist, but there are literally tens of thousands of online ‘mental health’ forums documenting people’s horrendous reactions to SSRI’s. Many of these stories illustrate how SSRI’s can make people dis-inhibited, act out of character etc.
I found it difficult to drive a car on an SSRI, and I often had impulses to drive it into a wall or another car. These drugs have a hypnotic-narcotic effect, you do things which you would not normally do. These drugs fry your brain, and your personality, so I can only imagine how dangerous it is to have vulnerable pilots flying whilst dosed up on them. They literally are ‘mind altering’, they’re mind-bending too, and in withdrawal- they are hell. Hell on earth.
My heart goes out to all the people who lost their lives in this tragedy. Their families must be heartbroken, I hope they can find peace. I also hope that they find out what Andreas Lubitz was prescribed so that people can be warned of the dangers of psychiatric drugs…

Treatment may not have precipitated what happened in this case but there are many people in the pharmaceutical industry who have known for a long time that something like this can happen on their medication and they have done nothing to put in place systems to manage these risks or to dismantle the system that gives rise to risks like this at a much greater rate than we should have to tolerate.

That corporations might do this is not a conspiracy theory. In the famous Ford Pinto case, a Ford executive made aware of risks that their car would lead to a regular number of drivers and passengers being incinerated each year – a problem that could have been inexpensively put right – famously wrote

“it’s cheaper to let them burn

The powers that be have been winging it for decades.


4 thoughts on “What Did They Prescribe Andreas Lubitz?

  1. Tragically, Andreas Lubitz was probably in a SSRI-induced state of psychosis that was caused from recently starting (or restarting) a SSRI, increasing the dosage or suddenly stopping the drug. Here’s my story …

    Within 3 weeks of starting Paxil in 2004, I went from being suicidal, murder-suicidal to committing homicide, with no history of suicidal or homicidal thinking before I started taking Paxil.

    What changed the most over these 3 weeks were my delusions as I became increasingly psychotic. I also became calmer as I became more psychotic and was able to plan a homicide. When I was tested in jail about a week after I took my son Ian’s life (and still severely psychotic a week off Paxil), my IQ was higher than normal and my memory was great. Results from the MMPI didn’t even show that I was in a major depression even though there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence indicating that I was before I started taking Paxil. It’s like Paxil shot me out of a depression into a severe state of psychosis with calm, organized behaviour.

    Based on my experience, if Andreas was severely psychotic, the airline staff would have had no idea that he was planning to take the plane down until the rapid descent started. His behaviour would have appeared normal (e.g., calm breathing during descent) even though his thinking was grossly distorted.

  2. After working as an expert court witness in criminal cases involving antidepressants for almost a quarter of a century now I would have to agree with all that has been said here. I have also tracked these cases for that long and built a huge database of thousands of cases at http://www.ssristories.NET. And for all of the evidence normally heard only in courtrooms hearing these cases I would refer you to a blog on this air crash tragedy I put out this morning with the link below:

  3. “Lufthansa knew six years ago that the co-pilot of the passenger plane that crashed in the French Alps last week had suffered from a “serious depressive episode,” the German airline said overnight.
    The airline said that as part of its internal research it found emails that Andreas Lubitz sent to the Lufthansa flight school in Bremen when he resumed his training there after an interruption of several months.
    In them, he informed the school that he had suffered a “serious depressive episode,” which had since subsided.”

    Let me read between the lines here.
    Lubitz tried to get off his potent brain altering chemicals ..the clueless doctor told him to either just stop or come off over a week or two say. He then suffered the trauma of withdrawal and was then told he had a ‘relapse’ or ‘depressive episode’ by the clueless doctor and was reinstated or double dosed. Its common knowledge that it can take several months for a ri to stabilise.
    He then remained on them for some time until prior to the crash when he had attempted again to get off the poisons. Withdrawal can be delayed and on this flight he was suffering akathisia induced from the drug withdrawal causing a trigger and overwhelming urge to commit suicide.
    When in this state death is a welcome relief.

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