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One of the great myths of what often gets called “mental illness” is that people who have been diagnosed “lack insight”.

The truth is that too many doctors lack the insight to ask – or the time to listen to insights that differ or dissent from the masses of data they have crammed into their busy brains and busy schedules.

Another  great myth is that all psychiatrists must be evil – when in fact very few are. Some are even making the time to listen and to help make space in busy training schedules for trainee psychiatrists so that they too can learn to learn not just from text books but from their patients.

These are interesting times in mental health services and it is always a pleasure to be able to spotlight an initiative within the heart of “the evil empire” that is at least partly about bringing the…

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One thought on “Psychiatrists learn from the experts: their patients

  1. Is not ‘projected lack of insight disorder’ endemic in
    psychiatric practice because of a fixation with pushing
    psych drugs on unwary folks?

    Is there not ample evidence based cause to suppose, that,
    manic insightful outbursts (apparently on the increase in the
    press and alternative media) would not have found gushing
    release from within psychiatry’s own ranks, had not the right
    to informed consent been all but wrested from psychiatry’s
    disingenuous grasp and coercive bearing??

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