Wrapping Up 2014..

In January 2015, this blog will be 8 years old. I have blogged consistently during that time  with genuine conviction, about issues which I think are extremely important, but in particular, I have drawn attention to GSK’s unethical promotion of their dangerous and defective anti-depressant, Seroxat (Paxil). However, as anyone can see, from reading the hundreds of posts on this blog, GSK’s sinister activities have gone far beyond Seroxat marketing, bogus drugs and deception.

I will be wrapping up this blog by the end of the year, and I don’t plan to post anything after January 2015, 8 years is enough I think, I have done more than my fair share, and maybe it’s time for others to do their bit. I will leave the blog online though, as I think it’s an extremely important resource, for researchers, patients etc.

Furthermore, I was recently contacted by an anonymous source who is seeking information on GSK and Burroughs Wellcome (a previous incarnation of the company) and their involvement in possible illegal and unethical vaccine trials on Irish orphans. If anyone out there has any information on these trials or anything related to them, can you contact me on truthman30@gmail.com and I will pass on the relevant details to the researchers.

In particular, some of the information sought is in regards to the following issues:

  1. Were there additional trials in Ireland?
  2. Were there similar trials in England or elsewhere in the world?
  3. Is there any evidence of money changing hands between the government/health boards/religious orders and the pharmaceutical companies?
  4. Can any inference be drawn from the way the Vaccine Trials Division of the Commission of Inquiry Into Child Abuse was shut down and the Government relationship with GSK?


If anyone out there has any information on any of the above, or anything that they feel might be of use in getting to the bottom of these drug trials on Irish orphans, contact me on the e-mail provided, through twitter, or leave a comment.

I won’t be doing any more posting after Christmas, as to be honest, it’s just too time consuming and not feasible to blog anymore. I also had a recent personal experience that I found very disturbing. I won’t go into details about this horrendous event, but what I will say is, I am more than capable of defending myself, but I refuse to respond to bully boy tactics, and veiled threats, I abhor that kind of behavior, and I always disengage when bullies try those tactics on me. The experience was related to this blog and the value of the work I do, and this onerous episode has really been the catalyst for making the decision to give up blogging. Writing a blog, and dealing with the stuff I research, really can be a thankless, lonely role,  at times. However I don’t regret one minute of it, or one post I made, as I know now I have made a  huge difference and the truth is now self evident, and that was the point…

Thanks for reading..



  1. sarah25m

    Thank you for everything you have done to create awareness of the dangers of antidepressants. I don’t think you could be accused of unfairness. It was your experience after all that provoked the blog. Your experience and the denial that Seroxat could be to blame. Yours was not a for profit enterprise.
    Good luck for the future.

  2. ragdoll

    Over the years I have read every post you have written on this blog. Thank you very much for taking the time to write it and for your thorough research. It has been a joy to read such a well written blog. Good luck for the future and thanks again!

  3. kiwi

    Yes, I thankyou as well, from the bottom of my heart, from the bottom of the world.
    If GSK were a person there is enough evidence here to put them away for life yet I cannot believe/understand how it is they are still operating and getting away with peddling life ruining poisons. I have been grievously harmed while on and while coming off seroxat and it is totally not acceptable to me that it is still prescribed.
    Thankyou again so so much for all you have done and for being the voice for the voiceless for the last 8 years.
    God has put angels on this earth and you are one of them.
    I know you will be missed.
    P.S. I am sorry to hear of this disturbing event … at the end of the day bullies are cowards.

  4. Leonie (For Shane)

    Thanks Truthman for all your hard work and information. I’m hoping that this is just a blip and you’ll be back in the SSRI saddle in 2015. You have been a life saver for people like me, helping us to understand how our children have died. You have my utmost respect and I am honoured to call you my friend.

    • truthman30

      Ah thank you Leonie, glad that my blog has helped, I will be taking a break for 2015 as I have other things I must do, but very glad that the blog has had this impact 🙂

  5. Mary Jones

    Dear Truth,

    First of all: Thank you for your sharing your thoughts and hard with all of us.
    Since I found you, I have shared your blog with many people.
    I don’t know how many actually ‘go to it’—as it seems people in general are not doing a lot of reading and self-educating. If information is not being directly fed to them, people are often, unfortunately, not exposed (a whole different sad fact).

    For my entire life I have known of the drug farce, and I may get to do something about it someday—though I know the reality of that on a large scale is not likely. What I do now is, with as many gentile convictions and fact-loads I can muster, I share what I understand with those I encounter day-to-day and face-to-face. I needed your blog as a sort of reinforcement that I was not alone, among other reasons—such as a great source of happenings and reflection.

    The film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging is one I recommend people watch (especially those who consult with me regarding anti-psychotic drugs).

    I read your declaration regarding ending your blog-time. Respectfully, I am sure your readers and friends will all understand. You have an army here ready to support you and I hope you know this.

    We all keep our chins up and plow through the day with the understanding that wellness is mostly in our own hands… and greatly dependant on good choices, will-power, a positive attitude, social support, good coping skills, empathy, and love.

    Be safe.

  6. jan whalan

    I thank you also for being the loud voice by giving us so much information regarding GSK.
    It is so hard to know such a company continues to exist, such people are able to cause hurt and harm to so many in order to make money. The very opposite they should be doing. Shame on the those in the medical profession for peddling their drugs. I am just another who has had life changed from a healthy, fit and happy woman with two sons and a husband, myelograms three in total helped create adhesive arachnoiditis. After five major operations, attempting suicide to stop the pain and chaos. It took 9 years of living a nightmare til I was told I had this progressive disease. It was kept under a blanket of silence for years whilst I could not understand why each operations did not improve me. At 63, life has been hard every day for over 30 years. What makes it harder is the fact that most people in my life (friends) don’t comprehend my suffering. Simple things like sitting, trying to stand and wait to be served in shops, walking more than a few feet, physical pain and neurological problems never stopping. Without faith in God I don’t know how I would cope. Your determination to get information out there has helped me understand. Thank you once again.

    • truthman30

      I am so sorry to hear your suffering. I have explored some of the GSK Myelogram story over the years, it truly is an absolute crime what they did with Myodil. It is heartening and humbling to hear how strong your faith is, Take care 🙂

  7. annie

    I agree you need a rest from this horror of Seroxat.
    You have done more for us than anyone I can think of and I sort of read your blogs like a brother trying to protect his sister.
    Thank you and I will try and keep up the fight, but it is so ‘stressful’, so thanks for banging on for so long and sending you loads of love.

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