Cork Murder Suicide Brother Was On ‘Medication’ For His Mental Health

Was it an SSRI? What dose? How long was this unfortunate young man prescribed drugs for his mental health problems? Was he monitored for emerging aggression, self harm, akathisia, suicidal thoughts, and homicidal side effects? (all well established side effects of SSRI drugs).

This tragedy has all the hallmarks of an SSRI (Psych Medication) Induced Murder-Suicide.

Somebody failed this family, and it seems that it was Irish psychiatric services.

These websites have thousands of documented similar cases of violence, murder and suicide from SSRI meds. 

These are very real side effects, which I have personally experienced. Mainstream psychiatry will not warn people about these effects because they protect the drugs, and they defend the drug companies who they are in cahoots with

Check out thousands of similar psych med horror stories here:

The parents had arranged for Jonathan (22), their eldest child, to pick up the twins from Banogue National School in nearby Croom. The twins had just gone into third class.

Jonathan, a troubled youth on medication for his mental health, didn’t have a job and was about to start a FAS course. So he was free to ferry the children around.

As the O’Driscolls prepared to return home from their shopping trip, Jonathan collected the children from school at around 3.15pm. The two younger children, aged three and five, were with him.

But in his teenage years, he seemed troubled and withdrawn. He didn’t have a job and lived in his own “apartment” in the family home. According to one source, in recent months, various life events seemed to combine to push him over the edge.

He had split up with his girlfriend. He was “on a lot of medication” and he had various health issues.

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