“…The other thing of course, is it’s not as simple as simply to say this is all the fault of psychiatrists trying to make more money or evil drug companies trying to sell more drugs, both of which, of course are- ya know true– but it’s not the whole story”… (Simon Wessely BBC Radio 4 August 2014)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p018qfjm (2hr 35mins)

So what is the whole story Dr Wessely and why do you go on BBC Radio 4, and other media, and not tell people the whole truth about your profession and the drugs you prescribe? Why do you mention ‘treatments’ but fail to illustrate that these treatments are almost always psychiatric drugs with horrendous side effects? Do you not have a conscience? It seems to me that you are a kind of pied piper type character- dispatched from the royal college of psychiatrists to perpetuate the status of psychiatry- to maintain psychiatry’s dominance of the mental health arena- and to recruit potential clients into psychiatric treatments and beliefs.

Or am I wrong? Do anti-depressant’s not have side effects? Are the PIL’s just made up in order to frighten us? (have you seen the length of the Seroxat PIL? It’s practically a novel). Are we all imagining the akathisia, de-personalization, de-realization, cravings for alcohol, zombie-like disinhibition, violent thoughts, violent dreams etc… are those weird things inherent to depression? (I’d be pretty sure that they are not). 


When you say (in the article above) that two thirds of Britons are not treated for depression, where does this percentage come from? What study was done in order to generate this fantasy? It seems to me to be quite an arbitrary number because there could be no logical, reasonable or scientific way that you could possibly arrive at that figure. It is an absurd statement because if two thirds of people suffering from depression are not treated, and have never sought treatment, and maybe don’t even identify with being depressed at all, how do you know they exist in those numbers? Why not say half? or three quarters? It seems to me that you just made that figure up in order to get a headline…

Wessely said there would be a public outcry if those who went without treatment were cancer patients rather than people with mental health problems. Imagine, he told the Guardian, the reaction if he gave a talk that began: “‘So, we have a problem in cancer service at the moment. Only 30% of people with cancer are getting treatment, so 70% of them don’t get any treatment for their cancer at all and it’s not even recognised.”


Why are you comparing depression to cancer, not only is this a bad analogy (depression is nothing like cancer, it’s an emotion not a disease) but it’s also scare-mongering (although of course more people go for treatment, psychiatry gets legitimized, and psychiatry makes money and that’s what’s really happening here).

People like you are very dangerous Dr Wessely because you are more concerned with promoting the ideological paradigm of psychiatry than anything else..

You’ll deny (or fail to mention) side effects and ignore patients bad experience of psych meds because it simply doesn’t fit in with how you want psychiatry to be perceived… and you’ll do this blatantly, without shame, on national radio stations, because you are really that arrogant…

It’s simply abhorrent, your statements lead to damaging the mental and physical health of patients, and the meds you espouse destroy lives.. people become trapped in the system and get drugged to death eventually, lifelong customers, or mis-diagnosis after misdiagnosis, ending up on the psychiatric merry go round, never getting better, always getting worse

But all these medicated, confused and disempowered patients gives loads of fodder for the psychiatric system though doesn’t it?.. More money in the coffers… keep the system rolling..

How much do you get paid to sprout this dangerous, hysterical, misleading nonsense anyhow?…

Whatever it is Simon- it’s way too much! 



4 thoughts on “What’s The (Real) Story Simon Wessely?

  1. well said Truthman.

    People would do well to get their heads around the implications of Dr. Wessely’s offhand yet minor admission within the scheme of things and get clued up on the buyer beware mentality that’s being foisted on to disempowered folks in place of the more adequate protection of license forfeitures and criminal justice proceedings and whilst psychiatry’s gatekeepers ever remain on the lookout for ways and means to undermine and reframe all sense of their own culpability, through recourse to tactics that amount to projecting same into, the hearts and minds of their victims and into ‘society’ as a whole as well as entailing defensive recourse to the usual, made up statistics and trite analogies..

    1. He is very good at his job though… which basically entails defending the image of psychiatry at all costs… however. this is not so good for psychiatric service users…

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