Marlon Wayans: Antidepressents, Not Depression, May Have Caused Robin Williams’ Suicide

Marlon Wayans: Antidepressents, Not Depression, May Have Caused Robin Williams’ Suicide

by Antoinette Bueno       8:05 AM PDT, August 14, 2014

According to fellow comedian Marlon Wayans, it may not have been depression that led to Robin Williams’ tragic suicide Monday, but rather, the antidepressants he may have been taking.

“I think there’s something in these medicines that people are taking for depression that’s making them depressed and making them commit suicide,” Wayans candidly said in an interview with Fusion Live. “I swear, I don’t think it’s depression. I think it’s chemical.

There’s some kind of antidepressant drug that they’re taking that’s causing them to have visions and making them kill themselves. There’s drugs out there — if you take it, and if you’re of certain descent — it will make you a little crazy. I just feel like, it’s chemical.”

“I don’t think it’s just him going, ‘Hey, I’m going to slit my wrist and choke myself,'” he added. “I mean, I just think there’s something else that’s in there. … I mean, he was such a joyful dude.”

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According to Williams’ rep, the actor had been battling “severe depression as of late.” He was found on August 11, 2014 in his bedroom with a belt around his neck, with cuts on the inside of his left wrist, by his personal assistant.

In the new interview, Wayans, 42, went on to express his admiration for the legendary actor.

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“Robin was a great dramatic actor as well as a comedian,” the White Chicks actor said. “Great with improv, incredible at character, great at physicalization. The man lacked nothing.”

“It’s a heartbreak man. The world lost a smile.”



  1. Ana Luiza

    His wife has already said that he was on early explained the conditions of his death.
    No antidepressants involved.
    What a circus his death became.
    Vultures speculating everything.

    • truthman30

      It’s not a circus, it’s the 21st century and the internet, and he’s a famous actor and celebrity, of course there will be speculation considering he killed himself too. Have you got a link to where it says that his wife states he wasn’t on anything? Thanks..

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