What Killed Robin Williams? Was He On Anti-Depressants (SSRI’s)?



“Comedic actor Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63. His representative said, “He has been battling severe depression of late.” 

Very sad news about the talented comic and lovely actor, Robin Willams, who has died in an apparent suicide.


Robin had been suffering from depression for a long time, and it would be surprising if he hadn’t been prescribed anti-depressants throughout his depression treatment. Over the next few weeks we are going to read articles about depression and suicide, and how depression can lead to suicide etc…

However, the questions we should be asking are : was he prescribed SSRI’s (like Paxil)? What dose? For how long? and was he under psychiatric supervision when he died?

Was he withdrawing from an SSRI perhaps?

No doubt some of these questions will be answered in time, but in the meantime..

Rest In Peace Robin Williams- you brought joy and laughter to many…




The Death of Robin Williams: How Have We Been Deceived By The Antidepressant Hoax

Robin Williams was found dead yesterday at his home near Tiburon, California. The actor and comedian was 63. Authorities are still investigating the circumstances of death, but one thing that is known is that he was battling severe depression. A mountain of studies has shown that antidepressant drugs are largely ineffective, yet many hollywood stars are hooked on the happy pills. Might we finally heed the warnings and shake ourselves out of our pharmaceutical stupor?


Women have a 10 to 25 percent risk and men a five to 12 percent risk of developing severe major depression in their lifetime. The use of these drugs has tripled in the last decade, according to a report by the federal government. In 2006, spending on antidepressants soared by 130 percent.

Dr Mark Hamer, a public health researcher at University College London, shows that people on the older drugs — tricyclic antidepressants — are at far higher risk of cardiovascular disease than those taking the newer class of pills, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). But tricyclics were discovered in the Forties and it is only now we have identified these dangerous effects.

Moreover, some SSRI drugs are known to cause serious problems such as stomach bleeding. In addition, the withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that patients may become dependent on them.

Dr Hamer says his findings do not only affect people with depression, because antidepressants are also prescribed to people with back pain, headache, anxiety and sleeping problems.

25% of American children are now on psyche drugs. And according to the CDC 1 out of every 6 children are developmental damaged. Do you ever wonder why so many people on psyche drugs are committing suicide and homicide these days? After all, decades ago, there were no “school shootings” or bizarre child suicides or homicides like those found onwww.ssristories.com.

Up to 50% of Psyche Drugs Are Not Metabolized

One leading expert, Randolph Nesse, a psychiatry professor at Michigan University, argues that mild forms of depression are beneficial, often interjecting in life to tell us to stop what we are doing and reconsider.

This can help, he says, when something awful happens to us, such as a job loss or relationship break-up, when it makes sense to slow down to grieve, reassess and make changes.

But instead, we live in a world that tells us that when we feel out of sorts we need a pill to recover.

It is this belief that creates queues of patients at the doors of hard-pressed GPs, who often feel they have no option but to hand out happy pills as though they were sweeties.

Many patients later claim they couldn’t have coped without them. They will swear that ‘the drugs make me feel better, so they must be working’. But often the drugs do not actually work as chemicals. Instead, they merely reassure us — the so-called placebo effect.

SSRIs cause lower bone density, cause weight gain, harm male fertility and make people more likely to go on shooting rampages, commit suicides, and attempted suicides.

There’s more. It also causes panic attacks, low heart rate and lightheadedness, induced mania, psychotic symptoms, electrolyte disturbances and seizures, and even anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasms). There are literally dozens of other side effects too numerous to mention in this article.

How We have Been Deceived by the Antidepressant Hoax

Drug companies are not forced to publish all the results of their studies. They only publish those they want to. The team of researchers that reported their findings in The New England Journal of Medicine took a critical look at all the studies done on antidepressants, both published and unpublished. They dug up some serious dirt …

The unpublished studies were not easy to find. The researchers had to search the FDA databases, call researchers, and hunt down hidden data under the Freedom of Information Act. What they found was stunning.

After looking at 74 studies involving 12 drugs and over 12,000 people, they discovered that 37 of 38 trials with positive results were published, while only 14 of 36 negative studies were published. Those that showed negative results were, in the words of the researchers, “published in a way that conveyed a positive outcome.”

That means the results were twisted to imply the drugs worked when they didn’t.

This isn’t just a problem with antidepressants. It’s a problem with scientific research. Some drug companies even pay or threaten scientists to not publish negative results on their drugs. So much for “evidence-based” medicine! I recently had dinner with a step-uncle who runs a company that designs research for drug companies. He designs the study, hires the researcher from an esteemed institution, directs the study, writes up the study and the scientist just signs his or her name after reviewing it.




  1. J. D.

    Excellent article. Thank you for exposing the truth about these deadly drugs that American children are so readily prescribed.

  2. G.B. Randolph

    The Psychiatric Conspiracy To Drug And Dumb Down The Civilization

    One of the most insidious and potentially worst “conspiracies” today is the psychiatric determination to drug and dumb down America and society. Their methodology—what they have done, what they do—is every year they hold a convention where they VOTE on what is a psychiatric disease! Imagine a medical meeting where practitioners voted on smallpox, tuberculosis, pneumonia, AIDS, etc! I mean, what if you or I were to see someone with a fever and chills, coughing and a runny nose, and we got about 10 friends and acquaintances together — AND WITHOUT ANY PROPER RESEARCH, CORRECT CAUSE-AND EFFECT DIAGNOSIS—we decided to call the ill phenomena “the flu”. We could pretend we were authorative by putting 3-letter fancy suffixes back of our name, like “phd”, “md”, etc. Then we could issue our findings using made-up fancy scientific-sounding verbiage with plenty of Latin titles to make sure we sound like we know what we’re talking about. Then we could get a big drug company like Eli Lilly and convince them they could profit TREMENDOUSLY by creating and marketing a drug for our disease, even if the drug effected little to no cure. They’d make sure to buy out the FDA. Finally we’d post this on the internet and get Time and Newsweek to do articles on our disease and cure. Governments, with their health agencies would then make sure to issue “common sense” proclamations to the public about our disease and its handling. Well, if anyone or group of lay individuals attempted to do this they’d be shut down! Medical science, over the course of several hundred years has observed sickness, categorized it, labeled it and sought to create cures for body illnesses.

    BUT MENTAL ILLNESS?!!! Does mental illness even have anything to DO with a malfunctioning brain or body? For as long as man has had societies there has always been an acknowledgement and speculation that man is something more than a body, that his very nature and activities is not just the result of molecular and atomic chemical reactions. That may well describe man’s BODY but philosophers, religionists, spiritual leaders and the man and woman in the street know man has a SPIRITUAL nature. And that MENTAL activity and the mind may be wholly independent of the brain. The determination of the exact relationship between body, mind and soul in fact has been a major philosophic quest over the millennia.

    Psychiatry conveniently resolved the age-old issue by arbitrarily deciding there is no mind and that man’s spirit, his spiritual nature, is irrelevant and has nothing to do with his behavior. Men and women have impulses and responses caused by brain and nervous system chemical reactions so that mans activities, particularly irrational abnormal psychotic behavior is SOLEY a PHYSICAL phenomena. With this FALSE principle, beginning in the 1950’s, they have tabbed and labeled irrational behavior, procured the pharmaceuticals to manufacture drugs for such mental illness maladies and created marketing campaigns to convince one and all that such “diseases” are real and should be “treated”.

    Science is predicated on determining the exact cause and effect relationship of phenomena. Learned men and women have attempted to solve the age-old riddle of body, mind and soul. Yet psychiatry has decided for you that mental illness has nothing to do with mind or soul. Disingenuous? Unscientific? How about CRIMINAL.

    “Clinical depression”, “bi-polar disease”, “attention deficit disorder” These are their better known “diseases”. And the drugs ingested as cures for these maladies: Ritalin, Prozac, Zoloft, are now the most prescribed “medication” on the market. Yet suicides and homicides directly related to these drugs is so common and newsworthy, even the FDA had to issue warnings about them. Doesn’t that indicate that something is wrong with this picture? That maybe the ENTIRE PROCESS, the manufacture of mental illness, is a criminal venture. Nobody gets suicidal or murderous impulses taking antibiotics for the flu. No one SHOULD get suicidal or violent taking any psych drug. That psychiatry and their criminal activity exist indicates how governments and the public have been HOODWINKED!

    We’re living in a twilight zone society in regards to psychiatry and “mental illness”. The relationship between psychiatry and society is like the fable of the emperor’s new clothes, where a dishonest fellow was able to convince a Chinese emperor that his very expensive garments, which were NO clothes at all, were the grandest of his entire wardrobe. Thus today we have the grand criminal illusion of the psychiatric “new clothes”, mental diseases unwittingly created, with their pharmaceutical “cures” marketed and prescribed on an otherwise ignorant and fooled public and their governments. Their PR campaigns proclaim their advances, of how they are curing and relieving the public of psychiatric diseases, when, in fact, the rise of violent and detrimental behavior to their medication is nothing short of CRIMINAL!

    Thus, it can be stated with no reservation that the psychiatric institution and big pharma IS drugging and dumbing down America and society. The public MUST MUST MUST be made aware of their insidious criminal activity and governments must act to PROHIBIT psychiatric false claims on mental illness and the manufacture and dispensing of their dangerous drugs.

    Similar to the negative but accurate portrayal of psychiatric abuse in the book and movie One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest I wrote a novel about this problem in 1981 (Point Of Departure by G.B. Randolph, Amazon Books). Now the situation of psychiatric criminality in the society is tenfold worse. Advocacy groups like MindFreedom and Citizens Commission On Human Rights can give you all the details about the psychiatric agenda I did not. The problem is real. The situation is urgent. Legislators must act quickly to restrict and prohibit dangerous psychiatric medication and the public must be educated about their criminal agenda and search for alternative REAL solutions to mental maladies.

    G.B. Randolph

    • G.B. Randolph

      May, thank you for your reply. You’re one of the very very few who haven’t gone into agreement with the killer psych agenda. When I read the Yahoo comments today so many of the comments expressed how “clinical depression” is such a terrible thing, etc, etc. An indication of the decline of this civilization. Question, though: what is NPS/ASPD. I want you to buy my book: Point Of Departure by G.B. Randolph at Amazon Books, where I attempt to expose the psychiatric conspiracy

  3. Mary Jones

    I instantly thought that our beloved Robin Williams was likely another victim of phschotropic drugging. I think we all can learn quite a bit by watching the movie “Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging” — you can view it on Youtube, but I would hurry, because I’m sure the industry tries to remove it from the public. R.W. was my favorite actor. What can I do? I can not single-handedly stop this crime, but I hope with some intellect and common sense, we can togther prevent some cases. Especially look and pay attention to the young soldiers who are being treated for PTSD– or simply “being treated” with drugs because that is the first line of action the people they go to for help administer. Now, count the number of suicides amoung these brave youth… take a moment, just moment, and think about it. Why are we tollerating this? Why are we not using the multitudes of other methods to treat our loved ones? Who’s idea was this? Please, before you allow anyone to administer psychotropic drugs to someone you love, seek alternatives.

    • Randy Gomberg

      from the novel “Point Of Return”:
      “OK,” Miriam continued. “Now I’m not a follower of your cause. I’m just doing this to bust Williams for murdering David. But I’m curious, why did you join?”
      “Because of their insidiousness,” Phil answered.
      Miriam looked puzzled.
      “I met Keith on one of his early tours. Came up to UC Davis for a campus rally. I was majoring in psychology because it was the thing to do, and minoring in poli sci. I heard him speak, and my first response was “yeah right, they’ve got you brainwashed.” After his speech I went up to him and started arguing with him, because I knew what I had studied in psychiatry. He took me out to lunch. And the thing that impressed me was he didn’t talk in generalities. Every question I asked him about his psychiatric conspiracy to drug and dumb-down America and society, he gave me exact specifics. Meetings held, participants involved, policy and plans formulated, who was behind them, strategy adopted. Statistics. I didn’t expect it. I figured he was just going to give me some big hype.
      “I guess you might say I had an epiphany right there in Carls Jr! I realized that everything I had studied in 3 years majoring in psychology was garbage. He said something funny to me, funny in retrospect but also scary, when you think about it. He said a five year old child knows more about how the mind works than any shrink. Because you try and tell them that their pet dog they love so much is just a stimulus-response animal motivated by sex, food and functioning by chemical reactions in the brain and they won’t believe you. They know there’s something more to life and the mind than this corrupt materialistic garbage they’re being fed in the school systems. Keith said, “we’re not anti-science by any means. The so-called science the shrinks developed never solved the mind-body interaction riddle and instead they arbitrarily decided the mind is the brain.” Which then opened the door to control the society by developing psych drugs.
      “This blew me away. I dropped out of school and joined NCAPA. And after a year working with them I realized the insidiousness of the psychiatric conspiracy to drug and dumb-down the civilization.
      “See, nobody in the school system questions the dogma they’ve put into their text books. They’re not in the news. The rising trend of unexplained murders and suicides due to the increased ingestion of psychiatric drugs is not reported in the media. They don’t report that the wife who out of the blue killed her husband and kids and took her life was taking Prozac. Just a terrible tragedy of the modern age. Or that the school kid who shot his friends was on Ritalin. Gang warfare.
      “The shrinks have managed to squash every attempt at the state and federal level to hold hearings about the danger of their psychotropics. This isn’t reported in the press. They’ve managed to push massive PR campaigns promoting and advertising their doctrines and products such that now people walk around saying “yeah maybe I am clinically depressed.” Keith told me that throughout history people have been be-set by the challenges of life. But sitting around the campfires in the freezing winter at Valley Forge, realizing the hopelessness of their situation, did General Washington’s doctor diagnose his despair as “clinical depression” and prescribe some psychiatric medication so he could continue fighting the British?
      “Two years ago we held a public meeting. This guy, taken in by psych ideology, was really ragging on us how we didn’t understand the nature of clinical depression. And the girl sitting next to him was going on and on how she’s been so clinically depressed for years, how she’s taken this medication and that drug. She asked Keith:
      “Do YOU have the cure for clinical depression?”
      “Keith walked up to her, stood silent for minute, then yelled at her in her face as loud as he could:
      “The guy told him to go to hell and walked out. But the girl stayed there and then, more calmly, Keith told her she was in control of her feelings, thoughts and emotions. And it was the shrinks who convinced her she wasn’t and needed a drug to keep from being depressed.”
      Phil smiled and pointed across the room.
      “She’s been working for us about a year now.”
      Miriam looked at the girl who smiled and gave a little wave.
      “You have given me confidential information,” Phil continued. “About the pharmas conducting graft to get that campus clinic, which we figured as much, and we appreciate. Now I will tell you some confidential information WE have learned about them, which illustrates my point about their insidiousness.
      “Davey I’m sure told you about how they concocted ADD-ADHD, just made it up, as part of their drug-and dumb-down strategy so they can drug the school kids. Now, in their latest conferences, they’ve made up this new disease. They’re calling it BI-POLAR disease. And they’re going to get Time magazine and Newsweek, among others to print front-page cover articles about how so many Americans are suffering from this. And how, of course, they need to be treated, with their pharma developed psychiatric drugs. The editors of Time and Newsweek aren’t going to question this or bring this to the attention of the FDA or Congress. You watch, when this comes out, people are going to buy it, and they’ll believe it too. Yet nobody but us is challenging them. And you see how we are mocked in the media. That’s what I mean by insidiousness.
      “What we’re seeing, Mrs. Goldberg, is the combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. But it isn’t brave and it’s happening right now. Big brother is not the government that’s brain-washing you. It’s the insidious psychiatric message being drummed at you in the media and their ads. Unless we stop them, slowly but surely, the whole society will become medicated on psych drugs, without protest or question. Is this what the founding fathers had in mind? Is this what the great religious leaders, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, envisioned for their flock? Yet people will come home from Church on Sunday, sit down to watch the game on TV and take their medication. As they have been ordered to do. Insidious, Mrs. Goldberg. And scary. That’s why I joined. And that’s why I work so hard with little pay 7 days a week. It’s not a 9-5 job with weekends off, m’am. It’s a crusade. We either win or we all die. And I’m not going to see my children and their children grow up in a world where they are dictated to take their medication!”
      Phil handed the faxed copies to Miriam.
      “Kind of makes me wonder what I’m doing working for the Attorney General’s office,” said Miriam.
      “Mrs. Goldberg, a good government is a valuable thing. We all have to make it good. And you’re doing that. It’s not enough what Lincoln said “a government of the people, by the people, for the people.” It has to be a GOOD government. And we all share in that responsibility to make it so.”
      Miriam rose from her chair and shook hands with Phil.
      “Thanks Phil. I’m going to see Governor Brown now and hopefully do MY part to make it a good government.”

      • Mary Jones

        Today… BBC article titled: “No drugs in Robin Williams suicide” — I hope someone connects the dots soon. Imagine a moratorium on whatever phychotropic drug he was prescribed?

      • truthman30

        Yeah apart from the 2 Anti-depressants (and caffeine drugs) in his system, but of course they don’t count because they are legalized narcotics..

  4. dbunker

    The day following Mr Williams death American Talk Radio went out and grabbed sound bites from Psychiatric pros and allowed them to go unchallenged.

    I listened to them blame his suicide on a brain chemical imbalance, genetics, biological functions which are not yet fully understood, and that such depressions tend to run in families.

    Much work remains to be done demolishing these self serving psychiatric excuses to defraud private insurers, Govt. insurers, patients, and potential future customers/victims.

    Thanks and keep it coming T’man.

    • gbrandolph

      The MIND is NOT the brain; I mean, are you a car? No. You DRIVE the car. EVERYBODY has been depressed, and your mind has faithfully recorded all those moments of depression through all the almost infinite LIFETIMES we have lived. And we have ALL committed suicide too. Many many times. So what happened to Robin? SOMETHING current, in the present-time environment, a relationship, harsh words and/or actions, who knows (Robin does) RESTIMULATED those past moments of depression and suicide. And that’s EXACTLY what happens to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who gets depressed, gets suicidal impulses or ANY mental disorder. Those past incidents CAN be run out so they no longer effect you and you can be free and happy. But in the absence of a trained professional who will help you run out those incidents, a STRONG will to live can work. If that weren’t the case then everybody whose had any suicidal thoughts would just take their own lives. But most people don’t. Robin, unfortunately, succumbed to “the voices in his mind”. The criminal shrinks and pharmas INSIST you take a drug to supplant willpower! Drugs which will ASSIST the impulse to be depressed and suicidal!!!! THEY ARE THE MOST CRIMINAL ELEMENT ON THE PLANET! Worse than any political, “conspiratorial” or crime organization like the Mafia. They can be recognized. But the shrinks and pharma have cloaked themselves in legitimacy to make every government AND YOU believe their agenda is the truth. Insidious murderers. Unchecked they are—and will—bring down this civilization. The rub of it for poor Robin is the joke was on him. I can just see him as he popped out of his lifeless body dangling on his belt. Holy shit! I’m still alive! Suicide didn’t do a DAMN thing to ME! It just got rid of my BODY much as a car crash totals your vehicle, but you survive the wreck. So it didn’t work! NOW what am I going to do?
      In the famous words of Arnold: “he’ll be back” We all come back to contribute, OR if you are one of the 2% criminal bent like the shrinks, DESTROY.
      Thank you for contributing to the culture, Robin. Find a nice family and have a happy life, and I hope you will contribute again!

  5. trionfo

    “the questions we should be asking are : was he prescribed SSRI’s (like Paxil)? What dose? For how long? and was he under psychiatric supervision when he died?”

    Good questions. Psychiatry has the highest suicide rate of any profession. A depressed shrink might have been advising him on the best way to do it.

    But seriously, a shrink would have written him a prescription for lithium which has been shown to reduce the suicide rate among manic depressives.

    Williams was probably on lithium and if he was not he could have readily obtained it from any MD.

    People have jumped to the conclusion that Williams killed himself when murder made to look like suicide was rather epidemic during the Clinton administration. It was so common that they even gave it a name – Arkancide. Williams was a supporter of the Clintons at one time. That very fact should raise a question about Williams’ death as Clintons friends seemed to be dropping like flies – remember Ron Brown with the bullet in his head, Vince Foster and Jerry Parks. No? then you had better watch “Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection” and the “Rise and Fall of Bill Clinton.”

  6. Cris

    “Treating” addiction with addictive drugs is not the solution but a cruel way of defrauding all those mentioned by dbunker.

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