Ben Goldacre Is Not Arrogant, Smug, Immature And Egotistical ..


That got your attention didn’t it…

Of course, the title of this post is merely a parody and satire on the current Alltrials debate which is currently raging across the social media- blog and -twitter universe (so no need to be running to the lawyers Ben and Andrew – it’s merely black humor).

Ben is not an arrogant,.. Of course he is not…

He’s not a Pharma shill either (as some people claim)… he is NOT those things OK!..

I repeat.. Ben Goldacre is NOT those things

He’s merely a misguided geek with patient interests at heart… isn’t he?…  yes..

The following quotes from David Healy’s latest post are an illustration of why I trust that he has patient’s interests at heart and the photo after it, of Ben Goldacre , is … well… that kind of speaks for itself.. (as does Ben’s recent belittling and sarcastic comments to me, Bob Fiddaman, David Healy and others in this debate).

I don’t see Ben Goldacre or Sense About Science engaging with people like me, or Bob Fiddaman- both damaged by GSK’s Seroxat. I don’t see them highlighting the plight and the horror stories of the hundreds of thousands of people who are damaged by pharmaceutical drugs either.

In fact, the attitude from doctors like Ben seems to me to be- ‘avoid pharmaceutical drug casualties like the plague- call us conspiracy theorists if we ask questions -and deem our criticisms as mere smears- our drug horror stories as anecdotal…’…

…the game seems to be to ‘silence us with ridicule and disparagement’ or ‘ignore us and we’ll go away’…

I can guarantee Ben, that if he was prescribed a damaging drug like Seroxat, and treated the way those injured and harmed by pharmaceutical drugs are treated and if he had to endure the lies of drug companies-  he would be a little angry about it too.. and quite rightly so…

When doctors, the regulators, the medical system, and even the government abandons you, often all you have left is the ability to shout..

We stand up for ourselves, because the people we entrusted with our health and our lives refuse to…

From David Healy’s latest: 

See more at:

“The simple act of defining doctors or patients concerned about adverse events as “critics” is a rhetorical stroke that marginalizes concerns – makes you  a one percenter rather than one of the ninety-nine”

“Despite doctors being trained to be ever more civil, patients who have a Drug Traffic Accident become nearly invisible to their doctors.  They are just healthcare kill.”

“When something does go wrong, the patient becomes a loser and is ostracised.  The herd moves on leaving the wounded animal to the hyenas”

“In essence, doctors have a choice.  They are either the steamroller that rolls over their patient or the steamroller rolls over them. The moment needs its John Le Carre to write The Doctor who came in from the Cold.  Just as I write this, news is coming in that some senior doctors have had the temerity to go public with claims – that despite Ben Goldacre’s paper on statins – these drugs cause significant problems.  Will they be shot as they attempt to get over the Wall?”

– See more at:





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