British Olympic Diver, Tom Daley, and GlaxoSmithKline

GSK are a massively wealthy corporation with a huge influence over the entire UK economy, therefore it is not surprising that they spend a lot of money on corporate sponsorship initiatives, which give good publicity, and create a positive image for their profitable pharmaceutical brand.

The English Olympic diver, Tom Daley, has become an extremely popular celebrity in the UK, and I have no doubt Tom is a genuinely good guy, but I have to wonder- are these GSK sponsored sportsmen and women aware of GSK’s long, disturbing, history of bad pharmaceutical practice?

If not, they should be.



Tom dPeflab

GSK’s Cover Up Of Suicide Link With Seroxat In Teenagers

GSK’s Avandia Causes Tens Of Thousands Of Deaths And Heart Attacks

GSK Corruption Of Doctors (BBC Panorama)

GSK Bribery, Fraud, 3 Billion Dollar Fine



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