Some Recent Seroxat Stories From The Seroxat Secrets Blog: Why The Hell Is This Vile Drug Still On The Market?

Robyn Says:

I was on 20 mg of Seroxat for nearly 2 years. I’m being weaned off on 10 mg. It’s only been a couple of weeks but already I feel I am getting anxious and paranoid. I had been feeling great up until I reduced. Now I’m worried that this is what I’ll be like or worse if I come off seroxat completely and that my depression will return. I don’t really want to be on antidepressants for ever because I did feel that they made me feel calm and confident but emotionless and even almost uncaring to a degree. I suppose you can’t have everything but I suppose I don’t know what normal is now. Does anyone identify with this?

  • admin Says:
    I identify with everything you wrote – I think that what you’re feeling is withdrawal from Seroxat rather than your “depression returning”.

    Just make sure you keep your doctor informed about what you’re doing – get the liquid Seroxat and withdraw very, very slowly.

    Good luck.

Jane Says:

I was on seroxat when I became pregnant with my son. I gradually weaned myself off it during the course of my pregnancy. However, my son who is now 9, has working memory and expressive communication problems. It could be just one of those things, but I wondered if anyone knows/point me in the direction of any website/research that has been carried out into whether there are any long term effects on child development if mother was taking seroxat while pregnant (I’ve found a lot of info about new born withdrawal but can’t find out if any longer term effects).
Any pointers very much appreciated
Thank you


franky Says:

i had experianced suicidal notions that where very dificult to stop,it got to the point i was standing with a friend at a very busy road crossing waiting for the lights to go red so we could cross, and as the traffic raced past i got an incredable erge to run out to escape my state of mind, totaly out of the blue, and as i tried to control it i was sweating and deep in a panic attack, this is just 1 of many nasty experinces on soroxat

“HI I am Paul,

I take 60 mg of the drug seroxat a day and I have been taking this for nineteen years, that;s right. The thing i have just
found out about is seratonin syndrome which can kill you. I am reaching a point where I am heading for a complete breakdown, over the years I have had real bad points taking this drug and after any long period i found that i would start to have withdrawal effects from the drug. this first happened about 1997 after my divorce and I was increased from 10 mg to 20 mg a day, the withdrawal was so bad i was thinking of suicide for the first time, it went so far as to putting a rope in my car and sitting near a wood to hang myself, but happily there where children playing near the only big enough tree.
i went to see someone and talked for along time after a year i was discharged and put up to 30 mg a day to keep my mood stable, I know that all you depresee’s out there know that there is never any discharge for depression as it sneaks back into your life when you are least expecting it.. I have never being truly happy in the last twenty years and when I reached 30 mg per day I thought that this many been the end and I may be able to laugh again as i had forgot what I sounded like.

I have so many side effects now that I cry at night as sleep never comes and if it does the dreams i have scare the crap out of me. The fatigue, head aches and anxiety are one thing but I can go from zero to rocket attitude at the drop of a hat, The constant sweats and high body temp that comes with anxiety and confusion drive me to distraction. If you think that you can distract yourself and have a good sex life, wish again because as well as having to struggle to pass water you are not going to be passing anything else out of the end any time soon.

I know for me that I cannot hope to be put right or receive any compensation as Glaxosmithshithead have greased someone down in whitehall or westminster so no court case can be heard and a big brush will sweep it all away and leave all of us without any hope of a cure for the addiction that glaxosmithshithead have caused and the body count that will continue to grow with every perscription wrote for 5 or 10 mg of seroxat. I only hope that one day everyone will be cured or de-addicted but until that day i will continue to shed my tears each night for all you who have to take those white and blue tablets to try and become less depressed with the knowledge of the nightmare you have to swallow with the hope of a happy life. So I wish you all a happy life, because you deserve it.”

seroxat secrets


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