Trinity College Dublin Car Rampager, ‘Mental Health Issues May Have Been A Factor”…

Trinity College Dublin Car Rampager, ‘Mental Health Issues May Have Been A Factor”…

Should that not read :
"Mental Health Treatment May Have Been A Factor?
 Or "Medication May Have Been A Factor"?. 
The facts have yet to be released,
 but we should be asking the question,
 if this man was being treated for 'mental health issues'
 and mental health treatment usually consists
 of doping the person up on meds, 
like SSRI's, what was he prescribed and why? 
SSRI's and psychiatric drugs in general
 have been linked to school shootings, violence, aggression, 
'out of character behavior' and a host of other problems 
for decades now, it will be interesting to see 
if the facts emerge in this case...

Man held over TCD gate ramming is released

Gardaí arrested 68-year-old after he smashed his way out onto College Green

A 68-year-old man has been arrested after he drove into Trinity College and badly damaged the historic gates at College Green and hit a number of cars on campus.

Thu, Apr 3, 2014, 09:15

A 68-year-old man who was arrested after he rammed his car through the front gates of Trinity College yesterday morning has been released without charge.

The motorist caused extensive damage to the wooden gates at the college’s front arch when he repeatedly drove his vehicle at them in an attempt to get out onto College Green.

The man, believed to be from Cabra, was first noticed driving erratically by cleaning staff in the college at about 6.30am. Security staff called the gardaí and closed the gates in an attempt to stop him from leaving the college’s Front Square.

Motorist rammed Trinity College gates repeatedly until car broke through

He used the car to smash his way out onto College Green where he is believed to have crashed into or rammed several other vehicles before turning on to Nassau Street.

He was pursued by a Garda car up Dawson Street and was arrested after colliding with a van.

The man was initially suspected of drink driving but was later released and rearrested after being seen by a doctor.

He was subsequently questioned on suspicion of criminal damage before being released late last night.

Gardaí were last night working on the theory that mental health issues may have been a factor.

Investigations are continuing.


Driver (68) released without charge in Trinity ram probe

The damaged gates at Trinity College. Photo: Collins, Gareth Chaney

THE driver of a car that rammed through Trinity College’s 200-year-old gates has been released without charge.

The 68-year-old man was arrested following the incident that occurred early on Wednesday morning.

He was released from nearby Pearse Street Garda Station last night and gardai said their investigations are ongoing.

The university is still assessing the full cost of reinstating the solid oak gates, which were badly damaged.

Cleaning staff at the university took refuge as the car sped towards them.


The man had managed to get in through the gates by tailgating a cleaning vehicle and drove around the campus like a “lunatic”, according to eyewitness Veronica Cadwell.

When the driver arrived at the front gates, he rolled down the window and shouted at a security guard to open them before he rammed the barriers.

Ms Cadwell had arrived at the university at about 6.20am to begin her daily cleaning shift.

About 10 minutes later, she and one of her colleagues were ushered into the security office beside the main entrance to avoid the speeding car.

“He (the driver) opened the window and he was roaring at the security fella ‘open the gates’. He was a lunatic. I’m in shock.”

Ms Cadwell said “mad, blaring music” was coming from the vehicle. “He kept reversing back and hitting the front doors. It was frightening. Nothing ever happened like that before,” she told the Herald.

After ramming his way through, the man proceeded on to College Green, and then Nassau Street before turning the wrong way up Dawson Street. A number of cars were damaged along the way. A source said it was a “miracle” no one was injured, with the car almost colliding head-on with a delivery van on Dawson Street.



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