GSK’s April Fool Joke? : ‘No Risk To Patients’ From Contaminated Paroxetine


In its uncontaminated form GSK's Seroxat (Paxil/Paroxetine) 
can cause suicide, akathisia, birth defects, cancer, 
liver damage, brain damage, 
worsening symptoms of psychiatric illness, 
and a myriad of other disorders, short
 and long term damage 
and damage that has yet to be established...
Therefore, surely GSK must be joking
 when they claim that recent contaminated 
versions of Paroxetine released
 for public consumption pose no risk to patients? 
(what makes this even worse is apparently 
the FDA warned of contamination since 2012 yet GSK did nothing). 
In its un-contaminated form, Paroxetine is absolutely lethal
 and should never have been licensed...
I can't imagine that contaminated Paroxetine 
poses 'no risk' to human health because 
without contamination
 it has caused immeasurable suffering 
to tens of thousands of people worldwide...
See the Paxil Petition here
 for over 10,000 stories
 of death, destruction and horror 
all because of a drug
 which should never have been released for public consumption...
GSK make a tidy profit on Seroxat, 
people's lives are merely collateral damage
 to drug companies like GSK...

Antidepressants recalled from wholesaler

[Posted: Wed 02/04/2014 by Deborah Condon]


The pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has insisted that there is no risk to patients despite its decision to recall two drugs from wholesalers, following concerns at its Cork plant.



decision was made after an investigator from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that a drug ingredient – paroxetine – was contaminated with material from the Cork plant’s pharmaceutical waste tank.


Paroxetine is used to make the antidepressant drugs, Seroxat and Paxil.


The inspection by the FDA took place last October and in a warning letter last month, it said that GSK had not fully investigated the issues at the plant.

The FDA also expressed concern about some of the equipment used at the Cork plant to manufacture the drugs’ ingredients.


However, despite recalling the products, GSK has insisted that there is no risk to human health



  1. truthman30

    SSRI’s in our drinking water, no wonder the world is messed up…
    The fact that they cause mutations in aquatic wildlife should be a cause for concern, but then again considering that baby rats were dying in the initial Paroxetine trials and GSK’s own trials on Seroxat showed increase risks of suicide and self harm yet they marketed it anyway- it seems that GSK just don’t give a toss…

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