Andrew Witty: Transparency and Ethical Behavior? ..

Perhaps if you dis-count murdering your customers with drugs like Seroxat and Avandia!.. but even at that, GSK’s history and behavior leaves a lot to be desired.. as far as ethics and transparency are concerned GSK has a long long way to go… that said, Andrew Witty is very good at generating good PR (although PR stunts are hardly indicators of real ethics and change) he should certainly be applauded for that.. but with his immense salary, his dedication to protecting the image of his paymasters is pretty much a given…


4:34 am
Mar 21, 2014


The Perfect U.K. CEO? Glaxo’s Andrew Witty, Apparently

GlaxoSmithKline’sAndrew Witty

By Peter Evans

It’s a result to rival that of any North Korean election. Andrew Witty, chief executive at drug maker GlaxoSmithKlineGSK.LN -0.83%, has been voted the U.K.’s top chief executive in a new poll from careers site Glassdoor. His approval rating? 100%.

Glassdoor asked employees in the U.K. to approve or disapprove of the way their CEO leads the company. A minimum of 20 votes were required for ranking consideration, and voters remained anonymous.

Witty, Glaxo’s CEO since 2008, received unanimous approval on his performance, with one excited voter saying his boss had created a “strong work culture based on transparency and ethical behavior.”

Glaxo last month posted a 20% increase in full-year profit, despite its ongoing involvement in a bribery scandal in China. The company on Thursday reporteddisappointing late-stage trial results on an experimental cancer vaccine.

A Glaxo spokesman declined to comment on the poll.

Joe Wiggins, a spokesman for Glassdoor, said the site had calculated Witty’s flawless rating using a “proprietary algorithm” to collate employee feedback.

“It’s fairly rare to get a 100% approval rating, but it does happen,” Wiggins said.

Second and third on the list, each with a disappointing 97% approval—similar to the proportion of voters in Crimea who supported becoming part of Russia—were Rolls Royce Holdings’ John Rishton and Charlie Mayfield, CEO at upmarket retailer John Lewis Partnership. Rishton came out slightly ahead, but Glassdoor rounded the reported percentages, Wiggins said.

The full top 10:

1. Andrew Witty, GlaxoSmithKline – 100%


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