Idiot Of The Day: Dr Chris Steele


Idiot Of The Day: Dr Chris Steele 

Very little explanation needed as to why Dr. Chris Steele has been selected as the first- Idiot of the day post on my blog. This doctor takes anti-depressants himself and more or less thinks that they are like smarties and we should all be necking them down our throats without a second thought. He also prescribes to the notion that these drugs should be taken for life, something akin to hormone replacement therapy! How ridiculous is that? Very silly man, and a totally irresponsible idiot. Watch the video and marvel at the sheer idiocy of this well known doctor…

He actually says here “anti-depressants will put you right”..this is dangerous advice and he offers no advice about diet, exercise, therapy or the myriad of reasons why people become depressed, such as loss, grief, psychological difficulties, inability to cope, stress, trauma etc…

Furthermore- he actually believes in the chemical imbalance nonsense too!.. which is fine if he wants to be deluded himself, but there is something disturbing about a doctor promoting a dubious theory which was invented by pharmaceutical companies and has been debunked for ages!..  the mind boggles…



  1. mark carter

    I applaud Chris Steele for having the balls to at least try some of his own medicine. I wish a few of the other legalised drug dealers would follow suit. It could lead to pulling these poisons from the shelves. Watch this space.
    And to think this clown is actually a health care provider for fellow humans….oh boy!

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