Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Suicide… Were Anti-Depressant Drugs (SSRI’s) Involved?



March 18, 2014

Mick Jagger, front man of the Rolling Stones, has canceled the first show of his Australian tour, after news that his longtime girlfriend, L’Wren Scott committed suicide. Jagger had reportedly just landed in Perth on March 17, 2014, when he received the tragic news that Scott was found, hanging by a scarf from a doorknob inside her Manhattan, NYC apartment. The couple had dated since 2001. This was the first show scheduled for the Rolling Stones; it is unclear when they will resume touring.

A message on the official Rolling Stoneswebsite states that at the current time, there is no further information as to the tour schedule; however, the message asks ticket holders to keep their tickets rather than returning them. This gives the indication that the tour may resume at another date; however, an official confirmation has not been made.

The site message reads as follows, “The Rolling Stones concert in Perth will not be going ahead as scheduled for Wednesday 19 March 2014.

“No further information is available at this time, ticket holders are asked to hold on to their tickets until a further update is available.

“Ticket holders can check back here, at RollingStones.com, for official updates.”

Previous reports speculate that Scott’s suicide might have been the result of troubled finances the fashion designer and former model was currently experiencing. The Daily Mailestimated her debt in excess of $6 million. It is unclear whether Scott had sought medical or psychiatric help for depression and if so, whether she had been prescribed anti-depressants. Anti-depressants have a number of side effects, including an increase in suicidal thoughts and attempts in some users. Whether Scott had taken medication or recently switched medication is unknown at this time.

Her death is currently under investigation and official cause of death will be made by the medical examiner’s office. According to current reports, foul play is not suspected.

Our hearts go out to L’Wren Scott’s family, friends and loved ones at this time.



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  2. roberta hartley

    yes many things could have caused her to “check out” very sad..what a talent…what a loss for Mick…The cause…too bad she didn’t tell anyone or leave a note…the long cold winter,seasonal effective disorder?,Not in turn with mother earth? anymore (we all need her vibe)…Maybe she needed more vitamin D and to be outside…tooo bad she didn’ go away with Mick! Maybe she was missing him..He was at a beautiful,warm beach! She probably needed some “down time” also…come on the girl was beautiful and brilliant,she could attract any guy…she was with him for 13 years! They loved each other…poor Micks-it was on his little face…the loss…the best thin for him now is to get back on the tour…she understood his lifestyle by then…also she was turning the BIG 50 and we all know that sucks big time, but she was brilliant and beautiful and I’m sure could attract any man if they ever parted…her business maybe was not where she would have liked it to be,…She was going to restructure it… (fine tweek it)…she seemed on top of things…it was almost spring! If only she could waited until 60 degree temp maybe she would have felt better?…you know,go to central park…get a dog or cat,mother it…walk it…I’m sorry but you have to be in a really dark place to kill yourself? So what drove her to it? My guess is #1 an antidepressant pill (when you can afford it- doctors or whoever will give you anything you desire or ask for…and it isn’t necessarily what is “best for you”…? and maybe whatever was mixed with it? or a bad diet? no time to eat properly? did she need electrolytes? check the statistics on antidepressants! my god some have been banned… #2 a health issue that made all it hard to deal with everything being overwhelmed by it all?Also Maybe she wasn’t where she wanted to be…or maybe she was just “done”…maybe she accomplished most everything she wanted to accomplish and she was just tired…and didn’t want the creditros to take the apt. away that he lovingly spent so much money on for their “love nest” they understood the value of hard earned money and…maybe she just wanted things to be “ok” you know? God bless her the poor soul lol..we all hope your in a happy place watching down over your loved ones…and maybe let them know somehow why it happened…PEACE BE WITH YOU

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