Ian Hudson’s 11 Years At GSK/SB…

Ian Hudosn


Those of you who are somewhat familiar with the Seroxat Scandal will be aware that, when BBC Panorama first exposed the truth about this dangerous drug with their first documentary in October 2002, the chair of the MHRA (medicine regulator) Alasdair Breckenridge (also a former GSK/SB employee) more or less defended GSK and the MHRA. He also seemed to be completely unaffected by the suffering and suicides caused by this horrendous drug. Moreover, despite subsequent panorama documentaries, lawsuits, investigations, blogs, outrage, public outcry etc etc- since that time, people still kill themselves on Seroxat, people are still hooked on it, and people still suffer withdrawals, it’s still being prescribed, and those who suffer long term effects (memory loss, neurological damage etc) have had absolutely no recourse or justice for the harm that was caused to them by a drug which should never have been licensed.

Mr Breckenridge has since retired and Ian Hudson has moved up the MHRA ladder, replacing Kent Woods . Mr Hudson is not only a former GSK/SB employee (11 years in total, 2 weeks GlaxoSmithKline and pre-merger-  11 or so years at SmithKlineBeecham). He also had a significant involvement in  the SB products Seroxat and Avandia.

Seroxat and Avandia have been two of the most controversial drugs of the past decade. Both of them have been found liable in courts for deaths. Both of them have had accusations of fraudulent research, both have been given Black box status, both have been investigated by law enforcement, departments of justice, regulators etc. Both of them have ultimately caused immeasurable suffering to tens- if not hundreds- of thousands of people. It is estimated that Avandia alone has caused in excess of 83,000 heart attacks since it came on the market in 1999. Seroxat has caused birth defects, suicides and worse.

Ian Hudson declared that he had a significant interest in both these killer drugs, Avandia and Seroxat, while he was employed with GSK. He now heads the UK MHRA which licenses drugs and regulates their safety and efficacy. Does this make you feel safe? Does this make you feel that your interests as a patient are being looked after? Does it give you faith in the system of drug regulation?

Seroxat came on the market in 1991, but was re-marketed in 1998. Ian Hudson was working for GSK at this time with an admitted significant interest in Paroxetine (Seroxat), he joined the MHRA in 2001 as director of licensing and his role in GSK was worldwide safety director. He was employed by GSK when these drugs were conceived, launched and unleashed upon an unsuspecting and trusting public.

I don’t claim to know what the role of World Wide Safety director at GSK would specifically entail, (nor do I know what it means exactly to have a significant involvement with a pharmaceutical compound) but it seems to me that considering Seroxat and Avandia have been two of the most defective and dangerous meds in recent times, either Mr Hudson failed spectacularly at his job or there is something else entirely going on…

I repeat, he is now the Chief Executive of the MHRA, the drugs agency which regulates the safety of medicines in the UK…

He was previously, and significantly, involved in two of the most notoriously dangerous, unsafe, and controversial drugs of the past decade – Seroxat and Avandia- whilst he worked for the manufacturers, GSK, for 11 years…

Think about that….



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