Has Psychiatry Ever “Worked” For Anybody? (Conor Cusack on The Late Late Show)


Some of my Irish readers might be familiar with the Irish hurling player, Conor Cusack? Conor made headlines in Ireland when he wrote about his depression and his experiences with psychiatry and psychiatric drugs in Ireland. Last Friday, Conor was interviewed on the Late Late Show, Conor was asked on the show, was he medicated as a result of his depression diagnosis?. He responded, “I went into the psychiatric system”… “I always just got the feeling with psychiatrists, they weren’t interested with my story, they were interested with my symptoms”… at which point, the presenter, Ryan Turbridy, quickly interrupted and stated, ” Psychiatry works for an awful lot of people, it doesn’t work for others”.  Conor always felt that the pills weren’t working for him (at one point he was on 17 pills a day).

His last hope resulted in a consultation for ECT, at which Conor felt that this was definitely not the option for him. Deeply disappointed , he considered suicide, but luckily he eventually met a good psychologist who then brought him on the road to recovery.

Conor’s story would be familiar to anyone who has been cast upon the psychiatric merry-go round. In Conor’s case, his psychiatric misadventure lasted over ten years. After many diagnoses,psychiatric consultations, anxiety attacks, depressions, suicidal despair, pills, and belly aches, Conor abandoned psychiatry, got some therapy and eventually got on the road to recovery. Notice, how, like many people, he recovered after he exhausted the psychiatric route…

It seems that the psychiatric system does nothing but perpetuate the mental and emotional suffering for most people. The drugs do no good, particularly long term. For me, like for Conor, they made me 100 times worse. Psychiatrists make a very good living controlling this system of human suffering with diagnoses and drug regimes, but do they heal people? or make them worse?

Suicide is an epidemic in Ireland, how many of those suicides were under the care of psychiatry? How many were drug induced? How many people does psychiatry work for? Or more importantly, has psychiatry ever ‘worked’ for anybody?

Personally, I think that psychiatry kills, it is an extremely dangerous system to become ensnared in, and I think Conor was lucky that he escaped its sociopathic clutches..

(I’d also like to ask why Ryan Turbridy felt the need to interject and claim that psychiatry works for many people. This is a dubious claim and it seems to me that the national broadcaster still fears offending many of Ireland’s oppressive institutions- in preference to-  the exposure of truth.)


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