AntiDepAware: Incredible Resource For Anti-Depressant Related Suicides In The UK

Started just a year ago, AntiDepAware is a website which aims to research and document cases of suicide, homicide, and murder-suicides (where anti-depressants are a possible contributing factor) in the UK and Wales. By collecting newspaper reports and coroners reports this website paints a startling picture of the dire state of mental health treatment in the UK. 

Brian has done a great job here and no doubt this site will be a great resource for further study into anti-depressant induced suicides and related issues. The evidence that Brian has collected here really speaks for itself. Brilliant website and great resource. Well done Brian.

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Welcome to AntiDepAware

Latest news:“Tablets driving me mad,” texted retired police inspector before shooting his ex-girlfriend and himself 


The objective of this site is to promote awareness of the dangers of antidepressants.

There is no wish to ban these drugs which give support to a large number of people with depression. However, it is clear that antidepressants are being prescribed to those who are not depressed, to whom they are likely to do more harm than good.

In 2009 my son, who had never been depressed in his life, went to see a doctor over insomnia caused by temporary work-related stress. He was prescribed Citalopram, and within less than a week he had taken his life.

As a consequence I learned of the suicide risk of antidepressants, particularly in the early weeks of uptake or if the dosage is changed up or down, or withdrawn.

Drug companies will say that an adverse reaction which induces suicidal thoughts will affect only about 1% of users. But there are at present over 4 million users of antidepressants in the UK, which means that there are 40 thousand people who may be at risk at one time or another.

The centrepiece of this site is a link to inquest reports, found mostly in the online archives of local newspapers, in which antidepressants are a factor in self-inflicted deaths. The reports cover England and Wales over the past 10 years.

It must be noted that this list is far from exhaustive but, even so, contains exactly 1650 reports, including 263 (or an average of 5 a week) from 2012 alone.

My motivation in embarking on this research has been to offer some understanding to the grieving families who are invariably left a legacy of unanswered questions, along with the memory of horrific loss. Perhaps this site will help answer some of those questions.


WARNING: People who have been prescribed antidepressants should never suddenly stop taking their medication. Gradual tapering is advisable. Anyone considering altering the dosage of their medication, or withdrawing from it, needs to take medical advice first.



  1. Brian

    Thank you for your kind words, Truthman. Before I even thought about getting involved, in the days when I knew little about the murky world of Pharma, your site gave me information and inspiration.

  2. Lisa shook

    Thank YOU Brian! Here is one more for the record from Colorado .
    Awareness is one of the most important factors when a loved one is prescribe these types of medication.
    May 2016 I my youngest brother committed suicide.
    Painfully Shocking! when I was informed of the tragedy. ” KNOWING my brother”, HE would have NEVER taken his life. My brother was and always will be one of the greatest examples of a husband ,father and all around friend to all that knew him. A believer in Jesus Christ . Raising two beautiful children and a loving wife. A good job, beautiful home etc. He in his right mind ” I guess you could say” would have Never taken his life. Leaving his wife to raise his children alone in this world. He was not a shellfish man. He had recently experience the death of our parents and though it wouldn’t hurt to seek counseling for his mild depression and so forth. He was prescribe some kind of antidepressant medication. His wife was never informed of the risks or SYMPTOMS of sucidel behaviour, which come to find out he was displaying all of them extremely. My brother was found on the side of the road not far from his home with his vehicle still running in his seatbelt with a self inflected gunshot wound to the head. WOW! Truly a devastating and sinceless loss his family is coping with. A genetic test May have reviled that he should have never been prescribed any form of antidepressant. If you wish to include him in your research and need more information I Can be contacted through my email. Thank you sincerely, His sister

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