Bob Fiddaman’s New Year Message To GSK CEO – Andrew Witty

(In true Fiddaman style!)

Happy New Year Folks!..

Here’s to another year of keeping a critical and watchful eye on those sneaky folks at GSK..

Keep on keepin on Mr Fiddaman! 🙂

Dear Mr Witty,

Seeing as your American lawyers King & Spalding have been keeping tabs on me over the past few weeks I feel it’s a great opportunity to ask you if you would like to donate a couple of bottles of the finest champagne to a worthy cause?

As you are probably aware my blog has been running for some considerable time now and I am fast approaching 1 million views. I’d love to celebrate that millionth hit with a couple of bottles of champagne. I’ll toast your [ahem] good name and those of past employees of Glaxo.

You may think I’m being greedy asking for two bottles but there’s a reason I am requesting a set. You see, one is for me and me alone. I think I deserve it after highlighting stories of GSK, stories that the mainstream have avoided like the plague. You should be thanking me for bringing these stories to your attention Andy baby.

The other bottle will be for more sombre purposes. I wish to toast the dead kids killed by Seroxat. I wish to toast the dead fetuses mothers were forced to abort because Seroxat caused severe birth defects. I wish to toast all those who suffered severe withdrawal at the hands of Seroxat. I also wish to toast those who are still hooked on Seroxat because they have become addicted to it.

Hmmm, I’m thinking two bottles won’t even scratch the surface. Maybe a crate will suffice?

I’m not much of a connoisseur when it comes to champagne, I’m more of a beer person, but this is a special occasion, don’t you think Andy?

One million hits, that’s one million people who have read the work of a nobody. The guy who was wasting his time because GSK will just ignore him and he will, like so many others, just disappear.

I’m still here Andy. 

I may just be a flea on a giant sewer rat but I’m betting that I have become annoying hey? How’s that itch on the rat, has it spread to a rash yet?

Your American attorneys will no doubt tell you that I’m sitting on something pretty powerful, something that will question your recent comments regarding Glaxo’s past behaviour. “All part of an era”, I think you were quoted as saying?

Well, sadly, it’s not all part of an era. The concealment is very much alive today, just ask King & Spalding.

Hey, you ever thought about meeting with Seroxat victims, you know, the parents who lost their kids because they killed themselves whilst on your drug. How about the mother’s who gave birth to babies who had birth defects or those who had to abort because the Seroxat had caused so much damage that the chances of survival for the children they were carrying were slim to zero.

So, just a simple request. A crate of your finest.

Oh, don’t get popping those corks and replacing them either.

Here’s to a million more.

Yours sincerely

Bob Fiddaman


Published author




  1. Klaas van G. (@klausch68)

    Well spoken Bob! I try to reach as many Dutch people in my way, by writing articles on well-read Dutch fora but like many, I am still afraid to found a dedicated support site because of the reaction of GSK and I am still dependent on financial support for surviving after the damage Seroxat did to me.
    Although I still hope that, now 6 years after cold-turkey, total recovery will be closer than ever.
    But I really admire your work that stands way above my tiny contributions 🙂

    I guess you never got a reaction of Andrew Witty…
    Do you believe that GSK will really forced to admit the truth about Paxil/Seroxat one day? I get the impression that the public awareness has raised above my expectations last 2 years or so.

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