Happy New Year!

As this year comes to a close I would like to thank my readers and commenters who made 2013 a very interesting year indeed. In many ways 2013 was a year of massive transformation and revelations- particularly in the digital universe. Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA and Glenn Greenwald’s reporting of Orwellian style espionage was a highlight for me. Another interesting digital trend was the performance of Bitcoin and other digital currencies and it seems that the internet is once again at the forefront of human evolution, social change and individual empowerment. GSK also had some major headlines due to their ongoing corruption scandal in China, more of which I will be reporting on next year.

We can’t save the world- all by ourselves- but together in our own small way – we can make a  big difference.

GSK Licence to (K)ill will continue to shine a light upon the unscrupulous behavior of pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry – to 2014- and beyond!

But because this is a one-man site- run entirely by me with no pay- donations will now be gratefully accepted!

In Bitcoin of course!

Happy New Year Folks ! 🙂

See You On The Other Side !

My Bit Coin Address (for those of you feeling generous) is :



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