Very interesting article and videos over on Forbes interviewing GSK’s CEO Andrew Witty. I find if laughable how Mr Witty claims he wants to clean up the industry image (particularly Glaxo’s) in light of the fact that he has ignored Janice Simmons of the Seroxat Users Group– and others who have contacted him in regards to addressing the continuing Seroxat controversy (such as Dr David Healy).

Sir-Andrew-Witty (David Healy Letter)

Seroxat has damaged tens of thousands in the UK alone – yet Mr Witty outright refuses to engage with the issue. Until he does I will continue highlighting this blatant hypocrisy.

Forbes asks: 

Can This Man Make You Believe In Drug Companies?

In a word….


Also just to correct Forbes… (Witty worked in a high level position in GSK so to claim that just because the majority of corruption and fraud pre-dated his tenure doesn’t mean he wasn’t aware of it! and also… The China fraud did not pre-date his tenure! Therefore is it not surprising why he refuses to comment on it!)

But Witty’s tenure has not been scandal-free. In 2012 Glaxo paid a record $3 billion in a health care fraud case, but for misdeeds that predated his tenure. Witty issued a statement expressing the company’s regret and saying it had learned from its mistakes. This summer, new charges emerged relating to bribery in China. Witty couldn’t comment on the allegations…”

As far as ‘transparency’ is concerned…

David Healy has highlighted this GSK PR ‘smoke-screen’ many times on his blog… 

“The joke has turned extremely black. This is almost exactly the mechanism Andrew Witty has just proposed for GSK’s data – to warm applause from the BMJ”

Witty is extremely skilled at deflecting the scandal in China, he is a veritable corporate robot- propaganda and PR spin just oozes off his lips… he says:

“First of all obviously i’ve been very disappointed to see the events and the allegations of the past several months in China and we’re committed to working with the authorities to try and resolve this as soon as possible. I think, though, it can’t knock us off course from what our primary mission is which is really to try and make sure that as a company we really contribute the most we can to society.”

   GSK’s primary mission is to make profits, it was the same during JP’s tenure, it’s the same in his tenure and it will never change. GSK will attain profits any way it wants to- even at the expense of people’s lives. It’s a business model that works for them. The only difference between Witty and Garnier is Witty is smoother and less blatant about his arrogance. He is so smooth in his PR speak that he is almost convincing. Almost… but he doesn’t fool everyone…

Come on Mr Witty, take a ‘humility pill’ (as you put it) and do the right thing… address the Seroxat issues.. or at the very least apologize…




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