Remembering Blair Hamrick (GSK Whistleblower) : How Evil Does It Get?

Former GlaxoSmithKline Rep: “How Evil Does It Get?”

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Big PharmaThe  is supposed to regulate pharmaceutical companies, but it’s a well-known fact that the relationship between the  and  is far too cozy to allow effective, meaningful regulation to be put in place. If the higher-ups at the FDA gave the marching orders to crack down on Big Pharma, where would they all work when they left the FDA? Sure, the FDA likes to try to make itself look like it’s doing its job by issuing fines to pharmaceutical companies from time to time. But the “fines” they levy are more like bribesthan anything else.

Sometimes it just takes just a brave honest citizen to do what thousands of bureaucrats could never accomplish.

You probably know that GlaxoSmithKline just got off with a $3 billion dollar fine – the largest healthcare fraud settlement in U.S. history. And while the FDA is patting itself on the back, they were actually asleep at the switch for years. Most of the credit can be given to the two brave whistleblowers who came forward and provided critical insider evidence as to all of the deliberate and systematic illegal activities being conducted by GSK.

 of conducted this mindblowing interview with one of the GSK whistleblowers, who describes the bribery of doctors, off-label marketing of drugs and other crimes committed by GSK. What he has to say is interesting, though quite upsetting. I recommend watching this video and sharing it.



  1. Sarah

    This is excellent informative interview with a whislteblower but most doctors in General Practice -(the first port of call for nearly all those with mental health/ anxiety issues) continue to be informed by Pharmaceutical for profit literature. I don’t know of any whose surgery is clear of prescription pads, pens, charts, calendars gifted by the likes of GSK, Pfizer, Lundbeck etc.

    • High Plains Drifter

      This is a joke, a rambling testament to what Hamrick does not know and what he did not do. He quit the case after he got his unearned money, was found by two Courts to not have been a real Whistleblower- was never retaliated or terminated by GSK for whistleblowing….and only determined by the Court and an Appellate Court to be a drunk, DUI hiding, psychologically impaired individual who got fired for all of the above. He only was asked to be a body on the case because of a shitty attorneys advice…period. He did absolutely nothing. Asked no questions in front of the DOJ, folded in every interview, was terminated from at least 4 well paying jobs in the 9 years saga, put his mother in a nursing home–then took over her house and trashed it, Then after I settled the case,only because he could not take it anymore for the paltry fine…yes paltry…He abandoned me and paid off a Medicaid fraud, former physician Felon Joseph Piacentile– a serial whistleblower fraudster..

      .NOW look out, the quitter is now working for a website call, –scamming potential whistleblowers about his horrible experience, to HELP them. Are you kidding me ? This guy spent most of the 9 years in a fetal position, scared of his own shadow, while I hired Counsel, participated in all conference calls, questioned the joker of the DOJ Sara Bloom with difficult questions….he sat on his ass. Now he is so pathological he actually thinks he is me. Well he is not…he was unjustly enriched. Period. A born loser.
      Greg Thorpe – First and only whistleblower on this case, and not retired….still fighting/ and now talking…while he plays the same game Felon Piacentile plays, screwing innocent whistleblowers sending them to inexperienced, substandard Counsel…with little experience. All about the money for Hamrick–who is now playing attorney on the above website. Done when I really have the time to expose him…sick individual, ask his psychiatrist or the Court.

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