Take The Guardian Survey on Antidepressant Efficacy and Effects


Do antidepressants work?

The prescription of antidepressants is growing faster than for almost any other drug – in the UK and around the world – but the debate over their effectiveness rages on. Have you ever taken or prescribed antidepressants? Share your experiences anonymously in our online survey

Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft antidepressant tablets.
Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft antidepressant tablets. Photograph: Jonathan Nourok/Getty Images

Proponents say they save lives and help millions of people. Critics say the science is questionable. What’s unquestionable is that the use of antidepressants is surging around the world. In some countries, prescriptions have more than doubled in a decade. Around one in 10 European adults are estimated to take the pills. In the UK, The Health and Social Care Information Centrefound that more than 50 million prescriptions for antidepressants were issued in England alone last year, the highest ever number and a 7.5% rise on the year before.

The Guardian and its partners in Europe – Le Monde, El País, La Stampa, Gazeta Wyborcza and Süddeutsche Zeitung – want to hear from patients and doctors around the world about their experiences of taking and prescribing antidepressants. Responses to the form below will feed into a special report by our six newspapers planned for later this year.

To take part fill in the form anonymously below. Please only take part in the survey if you are over 16.

For further information about depression, or talk to someone about it, please visit Mind’s website http://www.mind.org.uk, or Mindfull for 11-17 year olds.

Are you over 16?
We can not accept submissions from people under the age of 16
  •  Yes, I am over 16
  •  No
Are you a doctor or a patient or both?
  •  I am a patient. Please go to question 1
  •  I am a doctor. Please go to question 13
  •  I am both. Please answer all questions
1. Name
You do not need to give your real name
2. Where do you live (town/country)?
3. Date medication first prescribed:
4. Brand and dosage:
5. Length of time taking antidepressants:
6. Describe how you came to be prescribed antidepressants:
7. Were you offered an alternative to medication?
8. Did you stick with the prescription:
9. How did you feel three months after you took the medication:
10. Describe the process of coming off the medication: was it easy? Were there side-effects?
11. Would you say antidepressants helped you?
12. How are antidepressants viewed in your country?
Can we use your answer for publication?
  •  Yes, entirely
  •  Yes, but do not use my name
  •  No
Contact details – will be treated as strictly confidential
You do not need to supply contact details. If you supply your contact details a Guardian journalist may contact you for more information
13. Doctors: Name
Please supply your real name. We will keep you anonymous but it will help us in confirming your status as a registered doctor.
14. Which country did you train in and which country do you now practice in?
15. Can you describe the process involved in deciding whether to prescribe antidepressants?
16. Can you describe the process in deciding which antidepressant to prescribe?
17. Do you have any formal training in psychiatry?
18. Do you ever feel under pressure to prescribe antidepressants? If so, why?
19. Do you offer patients alternative therapies ?
20. Do you believe there is a ‘prescribing culture’ in general practice in your country?
21. What support is available for people suffering from depression in your country and do you think it adequate?
22. How are antidepressants viewed in your country?
23. Contact details
Please supply contact details so we can confirm your status as a registered doctor

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