David Healy: Psychotropic (SSRI) drugs and violence.

Don’t believe corrupt psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies when they tell you bullshit about the safety of SSRI antidepressants! ..

Listen to Dr David Healy- he knows what he’s talking about and he’s not afraid to say it either…



  1. Sarah

    Thank you. This video is an excellent piece of information re side effects that are being denied. Drug companies have an eye on profits and so will understate the problems. I’m wondering how effectively David Healy’s message is getting through to our GPs who are responsible for most of the SSRI prescriptions. 8 years ago our GP had no hesitation in prescribing Cipramil to my 17 yr old daughter assuring us of its safety etc. My daughter took her own life 3 years on from what I now believe to be bad tapering advice. In normal life if someone were to administer poison to another human being they could be guilty of manslaughter/murder. Why so many victims and no guilty party?

  2. truthman30

    Hi Sarah

    I am sorry to hear about your daughter.

    Unfortunately I don’t think that GP’s are making themselves aware of the dangers of these drugs- and largely David Healy’s message remains unheard. Personally, yes I believe that doctors should be held accountable- but again this is a largely unexplored grey area- and I think most GP’s are oblivious to the very real dangers of SSRI’s. However, it is also a problem with drug regulation, the influence of the pharmaceutical industry etc. It is a combination of factors which allows this scam to continue. It is also political -because departments of health in most countries work in conjunction with the industry for advice etc. And of course the pharmaceutical industry is economically very valuable for most countries therefore they hold a lot of political clout at the highest levels…

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