Irish Psychiatrist Pat Bracken Talks About GSK’s 3 Billion Fine For “Corrupting Psychiatrists”

The debate above shows the utter farce of Irish Psychiatry.
As usual, nobody who actually has experienced psychiatry- or as Pat Bracken calls them the ‘service users’- are represented on the show.

In the following video- a typical example of the patient/psychiatrist divide is illustrated by a woman who was forcibly drugged and Electro-Shocked.

The condescending manner of psychiatrists towards their ‘patients’ is clearly illustrated by Anne Jeffers here. Psychiatry is about power and ego- nothing else.

Psychiatrists excuse their drug treatments away by claiming that they don’t have funding for talk-therapists, yet many consultant psychiatrists are paid hundreds of thousands a year- how about they take a cut in their wages and employ a psychologist and psychotherapist to work alongside them? They won’t do this because they want to keep their monopoly on the lucrative business of ‘mental health’- a business which uses human distress as fodder…

Lundbeck, The manufacturers of SSRI Cipramil are the main sponsors of the Irish association of Suicidology- Check out the document below and ask yourself- how lucrative is human distress for the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatrists in Ireland?



  1. Kevin Owen

    “yet many consultant psychiatrists are paid hundreds of thousands a year- how about they take a cut in their wages and employ a psychologist and psychotherapist to work alongside them? ”

    The reason drugs are used is because the talk therapies and psychotherapy they have and use don’t work, never did. The pills attempt to suppress the symptoms under the guise of medicine.

    Drug Addiction
    “So before any government strikes too heavily at spreading drug use, it should recognize that it is a symptom of failed psychotherapy. The social scientist, the psychologist and psychiatrist and health ministers have failed to handle spreading psychosomatic illness.”

    The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Monopoly Gives Way
    Perhaps APA and other countries can learn from Sweden’s experience. The latest issue of Socionomen, the official journal for Swedish social workers, reported the results of the government’s two billion Swedish crown investment in CBT. The widespread adoption of the method has had no effect whatsoever on the outcome of people disabled by depression and anxiety. Moreover, a significant number of people who were not disabled at the time they were treated with CBT became disabled, costing the government an additional one billion Swedish crowns. Finally, nearly a quarter of those who started treatment, dropped out, costing an additional 340 million!
    In sum, billions training therapists in and treating clients with CBT to little or no effect.

    • truthman30

      To be honest I don’t know what point you are trying to make. Having experienced depression, and having gone down the drug route, the psychiatric route and the talk-therapy route- from my experience- SSRI drugs almost killed me- and psychiatrists left me cold- but I have had some very good psychotherapists whom have helped me get my emotions and thoughts into perspective. I found great benefit in talk-therapy. But, I can only speak for myself. Each to their own path…

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