Dr Moosajee Bhamjee is a South African -born- Indian-Irish Psychiatrist. He was also a politician for a time in Ireland. He made headlines for suggesting that the Irish government should put Lithium in the drinking water to help Irish people get their daily dose of psychiatric drugs through their tap water.

Dr David Healy is an Irish born psychiatrist working from the university of Wales. He is an internationally renowned expert on SSRI’s. He is a pariah to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First do no harm… providing it’s no longer than 8 minutes

Dr Bhamjee, caused controversy back in 2011 when he called on the Irish Government to add lithium salts to the public water

Dr. Moosajee Bhamjee, a soon to be retired psychiatrist from Ireland, showed exactly why the profession of psychiatry needs to take a long, hard look at itself when he was a guest on the George Hook radio show in Ireland on Thursday [11 April]

Hook had been contacted by Irish blogger, Leonie Fennell regarding a GP he had interviewed a week previously on his show.

The GP, Dr. Ciara Kelly, offered her opinion to a recent article that had appeared in the Irish press [Irish Examiner] that highlighted how GP’s handed out antidepressant medication at the drop of a coin. An undercover journalism student, Niamh Drohan, had approached 7 GP’s in Ireland and told them she was suffering from stress and anxiety problems from her final year in college. On each visit a prescription for an antidepressant was written for Drohan. Her article ‘Depressing Truth about Treating Depression In The Young’ can be viewed here. Fennell gives her take on it here.

Hook’s interview with Ciara Kelly enraged Fennell so much that she emailed the show to set the record straight. Kelly had claimed , during the course of her interview with Hook, that “the drugs themselves are not dangerous, they’re not addictive, they’re not even dangerous at high levels of overdose.”

Fennell’s son, Shane, took 39 Cipramil in 17 days and his toxicology report showed a ‘toxic to fatal’ amount in his system. On the 17th day Shane, under the influence of the antidepressant citalopram, killed himself and another man. Podcast with Leonie Fennell here goes into more detail.

Fennell, along with antidepressant expert Prof. David Healy, were invited by Hook to offer their opinion as was Dr. Moosajee Bhamjee.

The interview [below] is interesting in as much that Bhamjee argues that in his 40 years as a healthcare professional he has never seen any patient who has experienced aggressiveness on these types of drugs. He also argues that Dr’s only get an 8 minute slot to determine if someone is mentally ill and needs prescription medication. And there I was thinking that the Hippocratic oath taken by Dr’s carried no disclaimers!

Bhamjee, caused controversy back in 2011 when he called on the Irish Government to add lithium salts to the public water supply in a bid to lower the suicide rate and depression among the general population.

Anyway… here’s the debate from the Hook show.

George then spoke to two medical practitioners about the prescribing of antidepressants. Dr. Moosajee Bhamjee, Consultant Psychiatrist to Bushy Park Treatment Centre and Galway Clinic, told George that he had been administering antidepressants for 40 years and found them very beneficial and in his opinion they had helped prevent suicides; ‘I haven’t come across anyone becoming aggressive on any antidepressant in my forty years of practice’.

Dr. David Healy, Professor of Psychiatry at Cardiff University had a very different view and was much less sanguine about the effects of antidepressants; ‘violent reactions happened very regularly’.

We get a huge reaction to the discussion. Many listeners texted in to say that antidepressants had quite literally saved their lives; ‘I could not have gotten through the last 4 years without it. I have now turned my life around….’

While others spoke of the damage antidepressants had done to them; ‘it gave me suicidal thoughts where I had none before, damaged my liver, caused incredible weight gain. GP wouldn’t listen to my complaints and kept upping the dose.’

You can hear the whole discussion here.

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Leonie Fennell’s blog

Bob Fiddaman


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