“Strapped to a NHS x-ray table, a hypodermic needle thrust in to your central nervous system, tortured, poisoned with Myodil (Pantopaque), then left maimed in agonizing pain to slowly die?”


January 2013, important new website in association with the Myodil Action Group, “Myodil Victims: Worldwide Register” (Link)Stop Press, September 2012, Good friend Dr. Charles V. Burton M.D. F.A.C.S sent Ursula Coxhead an article, “Mengele in America: Human Experimentation and the Walter Reed Connection,” which he wrote for the Journal: Ethics in Biology; Engineering and Medicine.  (Link)July 2012, Dr. Burton becomes President Elect of the Association for Medical Ethics (Link)In Dr. Burton’s letter to Ursula Coxhead dated 8/11/2011 he states, “all Myodil Myelogram’s produced a toxic chemical meningitis to some degree, which then progressed to a secondary condition called Adhesive Arachnoiditis which is diffuse and accounts for the greatest number of cases of clinically significant Adhesive Arachnoiditis, and easily distinguishable from focal (local) Arachnoiditis caused by trauma or surgery which leaves the patient with no discernible symptoms.” A copy is on page fifteen of this blog.

For even more historical document information please visit the Myodil Action Group website. The Myodil Action Group was solely responsible for the inception of the House of Commons Myodil All Party Group and is the only group working with it and is demanding a public inquiry. If you want justice there are three things you should do. Please join the Myodil Action Group (MAG), chaired by Ursula Coxhead. If you live in the UK you should contact your MP explaining you are a sufferer of Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis and you want him or her to join the House Of Commons All Party Myodil Action Group you should also sign their e-petition to help them fight for a public inquiry, recognition, and compensation.

There is a conspiracy to hide this huge medical injury scandal. They ignored the warnings Myodil was unsafe but through willful ignorance or willful negligence they continued to use it, which means it is actually unlawful “criminal” injury, manslaughter or murder, the evidence is overwhelming. In the UK there are no statute of limitations on criminal offences.

The spinal cord is a pure environment which should not be insulted with needles and chemicals. If you went in to hospital with back ache and underwent a Myodil Myelogram it doesn’t matter if they found anything wrong with your spine or not, you came out with toxic chemical meningitis (a separate devastating injury far worse than any prior injury you may or may not have had) leading to diffuse Adhesive Arachnoiditis. These conditions are incurable and un-treatable, causing intractable pain and organ dysfunction/failure, both of these problems lead to death however they cover it up by stating death is caused by natural causes from organ failure.



Press Releases

21 Sep 2012 – Public roundtable Arachnoiditis

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) provided information to the Standing Committee on Health and Ageing’s public roundtable on Arachnoiditis through an ‘in- camera’ basis.

GSK has the utmost sympathy for the people who have been, and are, afflicted by arachnoiditis. Arachnoiditis is a complex condition that may be caused by a number of conditions such as spinal infections, surgery and trauma.

Myodil was an injectable dye used by doctors as a contrast medium for x-ray purposes in myelography and supplied by Glaxo from 1950.

Although a causal link between Myodil and arachnoiditis was not established, when the company became aware of a possible association, it included a precautionary warning in the Myodil product information sheet that there was a possible risk of arachnoiditis from the use of this medicine.

Myodil was not withdrawn from the market in Australia but discontinued in 1987 when newer diagnostic radiographic techniques became available.

All pharmaceutical products have side-effects, which doctors have to take into account by weighing them against the benefit to be gained by using the products.

In Australia, a court action around Myodil was launched against Glaxo and in 1999 Glaxo reached a settlement with claimants. The settlement was without admission of guilt. GSK is not at liberty to divulge the details of the settlement as these are confidential.

GSK believes that it acted responsibly at all times in relation to the supply of Myodil. Glaxo supplied this diagnostic product with the information available at that time to meet the needs of a very knowledgeable and specialist medical profession for many years, until it was superseded by newer products and technology.

GlaxoSmithKline is a global research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare company with a proud history in Australia dating back to 1886. Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.



Worldwide millions of people underwent Myodil Myelogram’s, five million in America, a million in the UK etc. only Russia and Sweden wouldn’t use it because they thought it was dangerous. This medical injury is massive, the biggest ever, bigger than thalidomide.  As soon as you mention the phrase Myodil induced Adhesive Arachnoiditis, doctors become embroiled with psychological problems. If you have been lucky enough to have a scan through the NHS, they have purposely been done incorrectly so that it doesn’t show Adhesive Arachnoiditis (this happened to me). They do not want to admit they have been injuring/killing millions of people. So the medical profession have been lying through their teeth conspiring for decades to cover it up by ignoring it or telling you that you don’t have it.Extremely lucrative jobs and reputations are at stake, not to mention the massive possible compensation cost. So they are all working together protecting each other and to contain it to a minimum (aiding and abetting, which is unlawful). Nobody wants to expose Glaxo for selling a dangerous product that has been killing millions of people, once again lucrative jobs and reputations are at stake. Because this medical injury is so big in numbers and so damaging to the human body, the medical profession have had good cause to cover it up, because of this the media haven’t been able to understand just how serious it is.

This medical injury is iatrogenic which means the medical profession and Glaxo caused it, and because they caused it they don’t want to admit to it so you are blacklisted and can’t get a diagnosis or treatment, making you a sufferer of iatrogenic neglect which is cruel and shows how ruthless the medical profession is in guarding themselves over medical injury claims.

It’s not just Myodil Myelogram’s they have been injuring people with, it’s badly performed epidural’s as well.

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Worldwide Register


18 thoughts on “Remembering The Victims of Glaxo’s “Myodil”

  1. Latest GSK Press Release

    04 Mar 2013 – GSK’s response to the public roundtable report on Arachnoiditis
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has reviewed the final report of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health and Ageing into adhesive arachnoiditis (“Living with the pain of adhesive arachnoiditis”).

    The report makes a number of direct references to GSK, so it is important that GSK communicates its position on the report and related issues. Some of the points below reiterate information that GSK has previously provided in its public statements and some reflect responses to the contents of the report.
    GSK has the utmost empathy for people who have been, and are, afflicted by arachnoiditis.
    • GSK considers it has acted responsibly at all times in regard to the supply of Myodil including appropriate testing and monitoring and timely updates to product information to reflect the available science. We have also engaged in legal settlements where appropriate and been an active participant in the roundtable process.
    • All pharmaceutical products may be associated with side-effects. Manufacturers provide prescribing information so that practitioners can make a judgment about the risk/benefit of the product and whether or not to administer it to the patient.
    • When GSK became aware of a possible association with arachnoiditis (in 1971), GSK promptly included a precautionary warning in the Myodil prescribing information sheet that there was a possible risk of arachnoiditis following x-ray myelography using Myodil.

    GSK respects the work of the committee and for the many people affected by arachnoiditis and recognises the important role it has played in raising awareness of the experiences of patients living with this condition.

    However, we believe that it would not be appropriate for GSK to be responsible for establishing a charitable foundation as recommended by the committee.

    The report was based on roundtable discussions convened by the Standing Committee in which GSK participated.

    The Report by the standing committee makes reference to a range of stakeholders including pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Lafayette Pharmacal, GSK), medical associations (e.g. Royal Australian College of GPs, The Australian and NZ College of Anaesthetists), local health networks (e.g. Medicare Locals), research bodies (e.g., The Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council)

    The full report can be found here: http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House_of_Representatives_Committees?url=haa/arachnoiditis/index.htm.

  2. I would like to know more. The legal company used if there was a class action, more details about symptoms, etc.
    I sound like one of these people, but with other symptoms not mentioned too.

  3. I am still one of those people living with extreme pain and other disabilities after an injection of myodil in 1976. Perhaps I should be dead now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stan Drewery

      1. Continue to suffer greatly from the affects of receiving myodil injections twice, first in 1969 then again in 1975 and would very much want to keep fighting the cause. What can be done after all these years?

  4. Prior to my laminectomy in 1974, I was given a myleogram with contrast. I was diagnosed with arachnoiditis ossificans by neurosurgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. They told me that it was very rare, though this must have been standard practice at least in the early ’70s. My doctor has been deceased for many years. Is there no recourse for having had this invasive procedure done?

  5. I also had a Myleogram in 1979-80 with Myodil Dyes injected into my spine, followed by a Laminectomy and part of my spine shaved. Result, pure bloody hell. Over the years I have also had pain relief injected into to spine. At one stage I was in Hospital for a month because I had times after the injections where I could not function properly. I also have suffered with bowel problems and now have to wear undergarments due to incontinence all the time. I have had an operation where my bladder was put in a sling, did not work. I have to close one eye to read anything otherwise all the words jumble together. I was taking 100mg of Kapanol (morphine) twice a day for over ten years. I slowly reduced down and was not taking anything for over a year. I did this twice over all the years but had to ask my GP to give me something for the pain in my back as I could not stand it any longer. Besides the Specialists and other GP’s telling me the pain was phantom pains and I was only imagining the pain I was suffering. One Dr. wanted to draw a one inch grid all over my head and inject pain relieve into each corner to try and stop my headaches, This had not been done before so I told the Dr he could find someone else to be his guinea pig. I still suffer the headaches and vision problems. Finally my GP has found a dose of Oxy Contin that gives me some relief to live a reasonable live most days. The answer from all Pain Clinics is they are taking all patience off all pain relief because their study has found they would be better off to learn to live with the pain. It is quite easy to see they have never been in constant pain. I told the Dr it is my life and I would rather take medication to help me live as normal a live as possible as I can and to hell with their study. One Dr only wanted to know if it hurt my back when I had sex. If there is a Law Action Group going please put my name on it. Now besides being in pain all the time I have to fight the authorities for permission to be able to take the medication that helps me. Who do these people think they are…….God……. by the way they play with peoples lives. I never wish bad luck to anyone but if only they had some pain like we are in all the time they might consider a change of heart towards us.

    1. Every word you said in your letter is so true……..I had a myodil in 1976 . My life like yours has been pure hell.as you will have noticed, as soon as myodil is noticed the doctor will discharge you as its seem the y are afraid of litigation. And also the truth! I am planning to see my local M.P.shortly. Nobody seems to see a spouses side of the coin, they suffer in silence…… Without a good pension for support , regards. Stan Drewery. Sent from my iPad


  6. My father became paralysed from the waist down a few years later after having myodil injected into him… Sadly he past away over 20 years ago now at the young age of 49… A year before he past away he was in contact with a solicitor (lawyer) that was ready to sue Glaxo over his disability unfortunately he didn’t get his day due to him passing and my mother not pursuing it… I’d advise anyone go get some legal advice because my father had a good case… P.s. I’m from the U.K.

    1. Hi Kerry, I’m sorry to hear of your fathers, murder, that’s what I see anyway.
      Can you let me have the name of the solicitor, if you still have it available, if there’s a chance they may be interested in my story? then maybe your fathers misery will not have been in vane after all.

  7. I too am a sufferer, I had myodil in the 80s, followed by mass fusion L5/S1 IN 1985, IN 89 laminectomy, 9 epidurals, all went horrifically wrong and the last one left me with spine infection, surgeon refused to remove the catheter so my gp was called out to remove it.
    Susequently, I was place on mst (morphine sulphate tabs ) in 1990… 10 mlgms every 12 hrs, by 1999 I was taking 300 mlgms every 12 hrs and still in agony, so I weaned myself off them, with no help from anyone, cut a long story short, I have been blacklisted,victimized, tortured , mentally and physically.
    Assualted by police on 2 occasions following a routine clavicle repair after a road traffick accident where I was nocked off my pushbike by a dumper truck, Hit and run, rupturing my clavicle.

    After 3 yrs being deliberately misdiagnosed, I was eventually put in a private hospital, paid for by nhs,
    under surgeon Nikos Reissis, who Amputated half my clavicle, removed all the ligaments that supports my arm, including the AC Joint and part of my sub scalpular.
    He also scaped the supraspinaus tendon from my humeral head, which caused my shoulder to drop by 2 inches.
    This means my right arm is no longer connected to my body and the weight of my arm is now carried by my neck, which as a direct reult of this has left me with 5 collapsed vertebre in my already arthritic neck. most of my story is all documented on video, youtube.. nhsvictim1 documentary called UNDER THE KNIFE, NHS and Police corruption exposing Nikos Reissis the Watford butcher.
    I was addmitted to Northwick park, on 15 April 2016 for pain relief as I had not slept for 4 days.

    During my time in Nortwick Park, I was refused any pain relief after lying in agony for 24 hours then ordered off the premises AGAIN!!!!!!
    The end result was Stan 1 scumbag doctors 0

    I’m now on day 7 going into day 8 without ANY sleep whatsoever becuase the pain has now reached unchartered terror tory!
    But don’t despair, the movie will be released within the next 24 hours or so and believe me this is a blockbuster full of laughs, mental and physical torture, corruption, lies and deciet, live music, High’s, lows, security guards in fear…. of my bottle of piss I was going to throw at them should they get too close to me, that worked a fucking treat hahaha,
    Staff member who put her job on the line standing up for me by arranging an ambulance to get me home, which they did not want to do at any cost!
    I now have to accept the fact that sleep is a thing of the distant past and I am actually becoming stronger minded and smarter than
    all of these wankers put together.
    Judgement day is getting closer for them day by day cos when you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.
    And when you reach the level of pain I alone only know bcos my injuries are totally unique and when you reach that level,
    they can’t hurt me any more,
    I am fucking amazing, I am invincable, I am me,…… I am Bray Fart !
    The can take my legs, they can take my shoulder, they can take my spine and my stregnth, they can take my whole fucking central nervous system …… oh hang on they already took all those things but they can’t take my courage or my tenacity , they can’t take my soul and they can’t fucking touch me anymore!
    But….. I will take them to the fucking cleaners after this last little escapade and if you don’t believe me, Watch the movie in it’s 2 hour entirity, it proves everything I have done in my lone battle against the evil that I am faced with on a daily basis for 35 long arduous, painfull years.
    The entire movie has been made entirely flat on my back !
    Don’t miss this one off incredible film made with blood, sweat and a lot of fucking tears.
    Stan Richardson aka Stan Dalone .
    Oh and I have lots of xrays which have been blatantl doctored, watch my documentary UNDER THE KNIFE, it’s all on there.

    Whilest editing I began to research the upjohn case as I was involved in that too and found this site.
    I have to get back to my editing now. watch this space.
    There’s no such thing as failure, just delayed success.

  8. Does anyone who had a mylogram and still has the dye in their spine, suffer constant severe pain, bowel incontinance, bladder problems and headaches but has been told they do NOT have adhesive arachnoiditis? I am certain my health problems are due to the dye.

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